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22/23 Deep League Pairing Guide
October 8th, 2022 | Pairing Guides

Included in this guide are nearly 100 pairings that will get you off to a great start in deep leagues. These pairings are broken down by first-round pick and punting build. 2022-2023 Deep League Pairing Guide For access to all of this year’s punting guides, projections and rankings, pairing guides, sleepers and busts, and much, […]

22/23 Fast Starts Guides – Part 2
October 1st, 2022 | Punting Guides

Luka Doncic (Pick 4-9) Punt FT%: Doncic/James/Gobert/Holiday/McCollum – The ideal Luka punt FT% start. Average in steals, below average in turnovers, and above average everywhere else. Elite in all of the big man categories despite only having one big on the roster. That allows you to go small again in round six if you wish. Elite […]

22/23 Fast Starts Guides – Part 1
September 30th, 2022 | Punting Guides

If you are short on time this draft season, this is the guide for you. Below are 60 five-man combinations that will send you into the sixth round in good shape. I wouldn’t recommend taking this approach, but you could simply copy one of the below starts and finish your draft in a very good […]

22/23 Pairing Guides – Part 2
September 22nd, 2022 | Pairing Guides

Luka Doncic (Pick 4-9) Punt FT%: Luka Doncic/LeBron James Above average in Points, Threes, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks Average in FG% Below Average in Steals, Turnovers From a per-game standpoint, this is the perfect Luka pairing in punt FT% in eight-category leagues. In nine-category leagues, it is still ideal, but it loses some appeal because it […]

22/23 Pairing Guides – Part 1
September 21st, 2022 | Pairing Guides

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Pick 2-4) Punt FT%: Giannis Antetokounmpo/Fred VanVleet Above average in Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, Turnovers Average in Points, Threes, FG% On a per-game basis, this is a perfect pairing. Giannis-led teams go into the second in an average-or-worse spot in threes, assists, and steals. Adding Fred to a Giannis-led squad brings the team […]