23/24 Fast Starts Guides – Part 2

Jayson Tatum (Pick 3-7)

Punt FG%:

Tatum/Towns/Dejounte Murray/Porzingis/Barnes – This is a group that comes with no significant per-game weaknesses. This combination is slightly below average in points and average or better everywhere else. An excellent start in turnovers for a punt FG% team. You won’t be quite as dominant in the category as the punt assists teams, but you’ll be ahead of everyone else. That’s key because a punt FG% team that can win turnovers consistently will be extremely hard to beat.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Pick 6-10)

Punt FT%:

Antetokounmpo/Jackson Jr./George/Jamal Murray/Beal – Unorthodox, but can work very well. Sacrifices some strength on the boards and in FG% for extra help in points, threes, and steals. That is a solid trade-off since the guard categories are harder to find late than the big man categories. If you grab Jakob Poeltl and another guard in rounds six and seven, you will head into the later parts of the draft in a great spot. This group is above average in points, threes, steals, blocks, and FG%. It is also about average in rebounds and assists.

2023-2024 Fast Starts Guide – Part 2

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