22/23 Pairing Guides – Part 2

Luka Doncic (Pick 4-9)

Punt FT%:

Luka Doncic/LeBron James

Above average in Points, Threes, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks

Average in FG%

Below Average in Steals, Turnovers

  • From a per-game standpoint, this is the perfect Luka pairing in punt FT% in eight-category leagues. In nine-category leagues, it is still ideal, but it loses some appeal because it puts you in a terrible spot in turnovers. Teaming up Luka and Bron puts you in an outstanding position in points, threes, rebounds, assists, and FG%. With this duo, you’ll go into the third round above average in all of the big man categories despite not having a big man on your roster. Steals are a minor issue as neither star projects to be more than average in the category this year. Health is the main concern for this pairing. Luka tends to get beat up and Father Time has come for LeBron’s previously superhuman durability. Play it safe from a games-played standpoint in the middle rounds if this is your core.

2022-2023 Pairing Guide – Part 2

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