23/24 Fast Starts Guides – Part 3

Anthony Davis (Pick 9-12)

Punt Threes:

Davis/Young/Adebayo/DeRozan/Beal – A textbook punt threes start. Young is the best second-round partner for Davis in punt threes. He is durable, doesn’t hit as many threes as you’d think, and his line complements Davis’ line very well. Adebayo and DeRozan are your top targets in punt threes in rounds three and four. Beal isn’t a must-grab like Bam and DeMar, but he is a great fit for this build due to his strong contributions in the guard categories. This group is elite in points, assists, FG%, and FT% and is about average in the remaining categories that we care about. You can’t do much better than this.

2023-2024 Fast Starts Guide – Part 3

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