23/24 Pairing Guides – Part 2

Punt Assists:

Jayson Tatum/Mikal Bridges (Roto)

Above average in Points, Threes, FT%, Turnovers

Below average in Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, FG%

  • This is the safest pairing in fantasy basketball. Both Tatum and Bridges have a legitimate shot at playing 75+ games this year. Tatum has never missed more than a handful of games in a season and Bridges has never missed a game due to injury. There are pairings that come with more per-game upside, but you could argue that this is one of the highest-upside pairings in fantasy due to each player’s excellent durability. If both players play their usual amount of games, you could get 20-to-40 more games out of your first two picks than your opponents get out of their first two picks. That is an enormous advantage. This is an elite start in threes, FT%, and turnovers and a strong one in points. Your rebounds will also be in decent shape thanks to Tatum’s excellent out-of-position contributions in the category. Steals and FG% are this duo’s two main weaknesses. Steals are more of a problem than FG%. Address the category immediately if you can and target high-SPG bigs like Bam Adebayo and Alperen Sengun.

2023-2024 Pairing Guide – Part 2

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