23/24 Pairing Guides – Part 1

Punt Blocks:

Nikola Jokic/Karl-Anthony Towns

Above average in Rebounds, Assists, FG%, FT%

Below average in Points, Threes, Steals, Turnovers

  • Those fortunate enough to start their teams with Jokic should not be afraid to start big-big. That is a move that can work very well in both punt threes and punt blocks. While you will come out of the second round near the bottom of the standings in both points, threes, and steals, this is not actually a poor start in any of those categories. In fact, it should end up being a very strong one. Since you do not need to take another big until at least round six, you should end up in an above-average position in all three categories by the time the second half of the draft starts. Filling your two center spots with players will produce good-to-great numbers in the guard categories will almost always lead to a team that is very strong in the guard categories. This is also an excellent start in rebounds and both of the percentages. This duo does not force you to punt turnovers, but if you do plan on being competitive in the category, you will want to target some low-turnover perimeter options. Guards like Jimmy Butler, Dejounte Murray, and Jalen Brunson are strong targets for teams built around Jokic and Towns.

2023-2024 Pairing Guide – Part 1

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