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Elite Fantasy Basketball (EFB) is proud to offer an unparalleled range of data & analysis that empower fantasy basketball enthusiasts to dominate their leagues.

Welcome to Elite Basketball Strategy, where our mission goes beyond just assisting you in selecting top-tier players. Our goal is to guide you in assembling the most formidable team possible. With the right strategy, including our specialized punting guides, the compatibility and strengths of the players on your team play a pivotal role in determining the success of your season.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our comprehensive rankings and specialized punting guides take into account not just a player’s individual line but also how they complement various team-building strategies. Additionally, we offer analysis on sleepers and busts, along with sortable projections that make it easier for you to understand each player’s true value to your team.

What You Will Learn

Importance of the Right Fit: Understand why a proper team-building strategy is essential and how to use such strategies to build a league-winning squad.

Avoid Drafting Mistakes: Learn how to evade common drafting errors that even seasoned managers fall for.

Target Potential Difference-makers: Gain access to sleeper lists for different types of settings and team builds.

Players to Avoid: Recognize which players are on the decline and are poor value at their draft day price.

The Scheduling Edge: Gain insights into the significant impact of NBA scheduling on your playoffs and identify players that offer a scheduling advantage.

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Our Punting Strategies provide value in several key areas:

Focused Strategy: Rather than trying (and likely failing) to compete in every single category, our Punting Strategies allow you to concentrate on your team’s inherent strengths, making your team more competitive week in and week out.
Adaptability: The strategies are extremely detailed and aim to make you as versatile as possible so that when surprises happen during the draft and during the season, you can react appropriately.
Data-Backed Decisions: The guides take into consideration factors such as how the categories correlate with each other, category scarcity, and category volatility. We’ll walk you through the math behind each strategy so that you have a strong understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.
Less Competition: Using a punting strategy can often reduce competition for the players you’re targeting, allowing you to secure overlooked but valuable players more easily.

What is a Punting in Fantasy Basketball?

Punting means ignoring a category to strengthen your team in the remaining categories. In competitive leagues, it is not going to be possible to be strong in all nine standard categories, so why try? Why weaken ourselves in the categories we need to win every week to give ourselves a slightly better chance in a category that we don’t need to win? If you try to be strong in all nine categories you can come away with a balanced team that could be competitive, but one that will lose to teams who decided to punt and ended up dominant in six or seven categories. Punting is now essential in H2H leagues. This is not 2003. In 2023, if you are not punting, you aren’t winning.

Pairing Guides

Elevate your fantasy game with our one-of-a-kind Pairing Guides. Crafted to give you a competitive edge, these guides optimize your draft strategy by showing you the perfect player combinations for each team-building strategy.

Daily Projections & Analysis

Projections are available for nine-category, eight-category, and points leagues. Elite Fantasy Basketball’s projections are updated daily throughout the season and are customizable for league size, team build, and budget.

In-depth Player Rankings & Tiers

Detailed Top 150 lists are available for nine-category, eight-category, points, roto, and dynasty leagues.

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Won 3 seasons in a row thanks to you, so can’t say enough good things, thanks for putting it together again, will definitely be subbing.


Thanks so much for your guides and advice. Started Sunday up 5-4 then 4-4, 4-5 and coming back to win it 5-4 in the final game of the night. B2B championships in a tough 14 team H2H leagues! Thanks @AdamGstock


@AdamGStock just won both my yahoo leagues! I was 2-7 all week in both…then managed to turn it around at the finish line! This has been a crazy, crazy year, but the most educational one since I started playing 6 years ago. Thanks for all the guidance!!! Best content ever!


@AdamGStock thank you for all the help. Won 2 of my money leagues based on your advice and your website. Came in clutch with the waiver wire in the past weeks thanks to you. Cheers!


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Adam Stock is the founder of Elite Fantasy Basketball and the winner of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association’s 2020 Fantasy Basketball Writer of the Year award. Since 2013, he has parlayed his passion and understanding of basketball with his skill with numbers to bring you the highest-quality analysis available on the internet. Adam is a former Big-4 chartered accountant with a M.S. in Sports Management from Columbia University. While studying at Columbia and building Elite Fantasy Basketball, Adam interned at a major sports agency in Basketball Operations.

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