(FREE) 23/24 Week 24 Potential Shutdowns and Pickups

This is not a traditional pickup list. Today, I am going to do something a little different. I will be going through all 30 teams and discussing who may get a rest day or two during Week 24 and who would benefit from those rest days. This is not meant to be a complete list. If your league plays to the buzzer, you need to be on the lookout for surprise starts. There are always a few 12th-men/G League call-ups that post goofy lines during the final week of the season.


Atlanta Hawks

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Moderate. The Hawks are locked into the 9/10 play-in and are set for a date with the Bulls. HCA vs. the Bulls is still up in the air, but with the Hawks one game back and the Bulls owning the tiebreaker, Atlanta is a long shot to move up. Chicago also has an easier remaining schedule. There is a good chance that Atlanta is locked into the ten-seed by the middle of next week which puts multiple rest days for the top options on the table.

Players to Watch

Bruno Fernando: Already a very strong streamer as a reserve and would have the ability to post a mid-round line if Capela gets a night off. Should already be rostered in deep leagues.

Kobe Bufkin: Could be the lead guard on the final night of the season if the game means nothing and Bogdanovic and Murray sit. Has barely played in the pros this year, but his G League numbers in points, threes, dimes, and steals are impressive.


Boston Celtics

Shutdown/Rest Odds: High. The Celtics haven’t had anything to play for since February. They should continue to rotate their top six in and out of the lineup. There will be plenty of sits during their back-to-back set that begins on Thursday and we are unlikely to see the regulars against the Wizards in the season finale. The top six will likely play two games in Week 24.

Players to Watch

Payton Pritchard: Almost always delivers a fairly juicy line when given 30+ minutes. Will likely get at least two starts next week.

Sam Hauser: Massive upside in threes anytime his minutes sneak into the mid-20s or higher. Could get two starts late next week with the Celtics’ final two games coming against the Hornets and the Wizards.

Xavier Tillman/Luke Kornet: Both are too risky to gamble on when one of Porzingis or Horford is active, but if the veterans sit late next week, both Tillman and Kornet will have mid-round upside. Both bigs have games that are very fantasy-friendly.


Brooklyn Nets

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Moderate. The Nets are a tricky team to project because while they have nothing to play for, they also don’t have any reason to limit their main pieces beyond trying to keep them healthy. They cannot make the play-in and do not own their 2024 pick due to the original James Harden trade. They also do not have any intriguing young pieces that need extra minutes. Mikal Bridges is a lock to play out the year due to his games-played streak. However, he could limited in one or more games. Last season, Bridges played just a handful of seconds in the Nets’ final game of the year before being subbed out. It’s possible Dennis Schroder, Cam Thomas, and Nicolas Claxton get a game or two off, but it’s also possible that they until the buzzer. Cam Johnson is the Net most likely to be rested. He’s been beat up for most of the season and is now dealing with a toe sprain.

Players to Watch

Trendon Watford: Already playing big minutes most nights. Has the ability to produce useful numbers in most categories which makes him a nice fit for Roto and H2H matchups that have a handful of toss-up categories.

Noah Clowney: Could be worth streaming if Claxton’s season ends early. The rookie has a fantasy-friendly game thanks to his ability to contribute in rebounds, blocks, and threes.


Charlotte Hornets

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Moderate. After their surprise win against the Magic on Friday, Charlotte is now just two games behind Portland. That’s notable because if Charlotte catches Portland, they will be a coin-flip away from having just the fifth-best odds of landing the top pick in the draft. Portland is unlikely to win another game, so if Charlotte does surprise again this weekend or early next week, we could see the team start to limit or rest Miles Bridges. As long as they don’t win a game, Bridges has a shot at playing major minutes the rest of the way. Nick Richards is also a sit candidate because he is dealing with plantar fasciitis. The rest of the roster is unlikely to get any rest days.

Players to Watch

Aleksej Pokusevski: Will have the ability to post helpful numbers in every single counting category if his minutes jump late next week. FG% (37.9 FG%) would be an issue in a major role.


Chicago Bulls

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Moderate. It’s very possible that the Bulls have nothing to play for by the middle of next week. They are up one game up on the Hawks in the battle for HCA in the 9/10 play-in, own the tiebreaker, and have an easier remaining schedule. If Chicago locks up the nine-seed early, they could give their top five, who have all been playing minutes in the mid-30s for months, multiple days off.

Players to Watch

Andre Drummond: Still produces elite per-minute numbers. Could be a 15/15 guy with plenty of extras on nights when the Bulls rest most of their starters.

Javonte Green: Picked up some extra minutes on Friday with White going down with an ankle sprain and put up a first-round line. Likely ends up as just a one-off, but could be a top option for the Bulls for a night or two late next week. Has posted some strong per-minute numbers in rebounds and the defensive categories in the past.


Cleveland Cavaliers

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. It’s likely that all of Cleveland’s remaining games will matter. They are just one game back of the Bucks for the two-seed and are just one game up on the Magic and Knicks who currently sit in fourth and fifth in the East. With HCA during round one and round two still up for grabs, it is very unlikely Cleveland will be able to rest their starters during Week 24.

Players to Watch

Georges Niang: A good bet for 2.0+ 3PG when he sees 20+ minutes and would have elite upside in triples in a high-20s role.

Sam Merrill: Similar to Niang. A one-trick pony but a very good one. Currently producing 4.9 3P36.

Craig Porter Jr.: Has posted some excellent numbers as a starter this year. Over his five starts, he’s managed 11.4 PPG on 43.4 FG%, 0.8 3PG, 6.2 RPG, 7.4 APG, 1.2 SPG, and 1.4 BPG in 31.6 MPG.


Dallas Mavericks

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Moderate. The Mavericks are extremely likely to finish as the fifth or sixth seed in the West. They are only two games back of the Clippers, but with the Clippers owning the tiebreak, it’s hard to see how Dallas catches them with both teams only having five games left. The Mavericks are also two games up on the seventh-seeded Pelicans and own the tiebreaker against New Orleans, so a drop into the play-in is also very unlikely. How much Dallas plays Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving next week will likely come down to whether or not they see the fifth seed as more desirable than the sixth seed.

Players to Watch

Jaden Hardy: Very likely to put up big numbers in the scoring categories on a no-Doncic/Irving night. Has looked good when given an extended look in the past and is producing 19.3 PP36 and 3.1 3P36. Upside in assists would be high in a featured role as well.

Dante Exum: Was a clear 12-team piece in December when Irving was out of the lineup. Form has slipped since then but would have the ability to post a well-rounded line on a night when both stars sit.


Denver Nuggets

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The battle for the one-seed will likely come down to the final day of the season. The Nuggets are currently second in the West with an identical record to the Wolves. Minnesota currently owns the tiebreaker, but Denver controls its own destiny with a home game against the Wolves coming on Wednesday of Week 24. The Thunder, who own the tiebreaker with the Nuggets, also remain just one game behind the defending champs, so even if the Nuggets lose against the Wolves next Wednesday and are all but knocked out of the race for the top spot in the West, it will be hard for them to rest their regulars without risking a drop to the three-seed and a loss of HCA in the second round.

Players to Watch

Reggie Jackson: Has posted strong numbers in points, threes, and assists on nights when Murray has sat and went nuclear earlier in the year on a night when both Jokic and Murray were out. A 12-team hold until Murray is back.

Peyton Watson: Already an excellent blocks streamer (1.2 BPG over the last two months in just 18.5 MPG) and would have significant upside in points and boards on a night when most of the starters are sitting.

DeAndre Jordan: Still produces strong per-minute numbers in all of the big man categories and has managed 16.0 PPG, 10.5 RPG, 4.0 APG, 1.5 SPG, and 1.0 BPG over his two starts this season.


Detroit Pistons

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Moderate. Barring a miracle, the Pistons are going to finish with the worst record in the association. Cade Cunningham is likely done for the year. Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren could play until the buzzer. Ivey’s status is a little safer than Duren’s. Duren has been playing slightly limited minutes since his back issue that cost him three games in late March.

Players to Watch

Marcus Sasser: Not doing much with Cade out, but an Ivey sit would likely send his usage through the roof. Decent upside in points, threes, and dimes.

Chimezie Metu: Already worth considering for his rebounds and steals. Has significant upside in both categories (8.2 RP36, 1.9 SP36) if he ends up in a major role for a game or two.

Malachi Flynn: The 50-burger was one of the biggest outliers of all time, but Flynn can produce at least average numbers in points, threes, assists, and steals anytime he plays big minutes.


Golden State Warriors

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Moderate. The Warriors are probably going to finish as the ten-seed in the West. However, they are not locked into that position just yet. They are unlikely to catch the struggling Kings because they are two games back of Sacramento and do not own the tiebreaker in that matchup. Catching the Lakers, who are also two games up on the Warriors is more doable because Golden State and Los Angeles play on Tuesday of Week 24. If the Warriors win that game, they will lock in the tiebreaker, so they’ll only need to make up one more game on the Lakers over the remainder of their schedule. If Golden State loses on Tuesday, don’t expect the team to take the rest of Week 24 too seriously.

Players to Watch

Brandin Podziemski: Struggling right now, but looked much better early in the season when the Warriors were missing a bunch of regulars. Could be the lead guard on the final day of the season. Both Curry and Paul will likely rest late unless the Warriors can keep it close with the Lakers.

Moses Moody: Could be a solid source of points, threes, and steals on a night when all of the starters are resting.


Houston Rockets

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Moderate. The Rockets are very close to being eliminated from play-in contention. However, with their 2024 picks in the hands of the Thunder, shutting down or limiting some of their starters comes with little benefit. Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks could get a day off next week, but no one on the roster is a lock to rest.

Cam Whitmore: Points, threes, and nothing else, but his upside in both categories would be significant if the veterans sit late next week.


Players to Watch

Indiana Pacers

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The Pacers will likely have to go all-out the rest of the way to avoid the play-in. They currently sit in sixth and are just a half-game up on the Heat and a game and a half up on the Sixers. They also have an outside shot at catching the Magic or the Knicks.

Players to Watch

T.J. McConnell: Already an elite streamer and a strong deep league play. Would have early-round potential if Haliburton sits next Friday and/or Sunday.

Isaiah Jackson: Still a stud per-minute producer. Could be an excellent last-minute blocks streamer for all leagues next week if Jalen Smith has to miss time with his ankle sprain.

Jalen Smith: His ankle sprain makes his short-term outlook murky, but would be worth a stream next Sunday if Turner sits. A top-20 per-minute player thanks to his excellent efficiency (59.2 FG%) and flashy per-minute numbers in points (20.8 PP36), threes (2.1 3P36), rebounds (11.7 RP36), and blocks (1.3 BP36).

Obi Toppin: A strong points and threes streamer anytime he’s seeing 25+ MPG. Currently producing a solid 17.1 PP36 and 2.1 3P36.


Los Angeles Clippers

Shutdown/Rest Odds: High. It will be very difficult for the Clippers to finish anywhere but fourth. They are not catching the Thunder and they currently sit two games up on the Mavericks while owning the tiebreaker for that matchup. If Kawhi Leonard does return next week, he likely won’t play more than two games and will almost certainly be somewhat limited in both. Once the four-seed is locked in, likely sometime early in Week 24, Paul George and James Harden could get a couple of rest days.

Players to Watch

Norman Powell: Would be a good bet for 20+ points and 2.5+ threes on a night when both Kawhi and George sat. Upside elsewhere is limited regardless of who is active.

Russell Westbrook: Already worth consideration with Kawhi out. Will be a rest candidate himself due to his age, but on a night when he was a main piece, he’d be capable of a classic Westbrook line. Per-minute numbers are still very good in points, rebounds, assists, and steals.


Los Angeles Lakers

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The Lakers will almost certainly have to play all of their regulars the rest of the way to clinch a spot in the 7/8 play-in. They currently sit in ninth with an identical record to the Kings who they do not own the tiebreak with and are one game back of the Pelicans who they currently do own the tiebreak with. Unless both Sacramento and New Orleans collapse over the next few days, the Lakers’ final game of the season, which takes place in New Orleans, will matter.

Players to Watch

Spencer Dinwiddie: Useless when the Lakers are healthy, but can still help when placed in a featured role. Needs the primary ball-handlers to sit to be useful. A Davis sit would not lead to a significant bump in value.


Memphis Grizzlies

Shutdown/Rest Odds: High. Desmond Bane is likely done for the year and Jaren Jackson looks like he’s on the brink of finally being shutdown. Bane has already missed the Grizzlies’ last four games and Jackson will go into Week 24 having sat out the Grizzlies’ two most recent contests. We may not see Santi Aldama again and John Konchar probably won’t play until October of 2024 as well. Brandon Clarke should play during Week 24, although he will miss a game during the Grizzlies’ Tuesday/Wednesday back-to-back set. We will likely see Luke Kennard next week too, but probably not for more than a game or two. The Grizzlies’ Week 24 rotation should be comprised of mostly rookies and players on two-way contracts.

Players to Watch

Jordan Goodwin: Already a 12-team add. Has averaged 11.8 PPG, 1.5 3PG, 10.5 RPG, 5.3 APG, and 0.8 SPG over his last four. Could sit a game next week due to the two-way contract rules, so double-check his availability before adding.

Scotty Pippen Jr.: Inconsistent as of late, but still has solid upside in threes, assists, and steals. Has averaged 10.2 PPG, 1.3 3PG, 3.5 APG, and 1.7 SPG over his last six in just 23.7 MPG.

Brandon Clarke: Will sit during the Grizzlies’ back-to-back set, but could put up a nice line in every other game. Averaging 12.0 PPG on 60.5 FG%, 5.8 RPG, and 1.3 BPG in just 21.0 MPG since returning.

Jake LaRavia: Currently dealing with an ankle injury, but will be a nice option for those in need of points, threes, and steals if/when he returns. Has managed 11.8 PPG, 2.2 3PG, and 1.0 SPG over his last six.

G.G. Jackson: Very limited outside of the scoring categories, but a great option for those in need of a miracle in points or threes. Upside in both is higher than most players who produce a similar line.


Miami Heat

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The Heat will have to play all of their top options until the end of the season to give themselves a shot at getting out of the play-in. They currently sit just a half-game back of the Pacers for the six seed and are just one game up on the now-healthy Sixers. Tyler Herro could play three games next week due to the back-to-back set that begins on Thursday, but the rest of the regulars should play four games.

Players to Watch

Duncan Robinson: Upside is now limited with Herro back, but will be a must-start again if Herro sits during the back-to-back set.

Delon Wright: Role hasn’t been there in Miami, but if the final game of the season doesn’t mean anything to the Heat, Wright could get serious run and be a difference-maker in steals.


Milwaukee Bucks

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The Bucks currently occupy the two-seed in the East. However, with how tight the East is at the moment and how poorly the Bucks have been playing since the coaching change, Milwaukee is at risk of falling multiple spots in the standings. They do not own the tiebreaker with the third-seeded Cavaliers and could lose the tiebreaker to the Magic with the two teams facing off twice in Week 24 with the second game coming on the final day of the season.

Players to Watch

Patrick Beverley: A rest candidate himself, but worth watching since he usually delivers when given heavy minutes. Has averaged 12.3 PPG on 46.4 FG%, 1.4 3PG, 4.7 RPG, 4.7 APG, 1.3 SPG, and 0.9 BPG over his night starts this year.


Minnesota Timberwolves

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The Wolves want the one-seed and are currently well-positioned for it. They lead the West due to holding the tiebreaker with the Nuggets and will still be in the running for it if they lose in Denver next Wednesday as they would still hold the tiebreaker. They also have to worry about the Thunder who remain just one game back. A drop to the three-seed would likely mean no HCA in round two and a tougher matchup in round one.

Players to Watch

Kyle Anderson: Already worth an add and would be a must-stream if it looks like a 30-minute game or two is on the table late in Week 24. Has been a borderline top-100 option in a low-20s role lately that produces helpful numbers in most of the non-scoring categories.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker: Streaky, but upside in points and threes is significant on a night that Edwards sits. Could produce serviceable numbers in assists and steals as well.


New Orleans Pelicans

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The Pelicans are spiraling without Brandon Ingram and could end up in the 9/10 play-in unless they turn it around soon. With their final three games of the season coming against the Kings, Warriors, and Lakers, it will be impossible to rest the regulars.

Players to Watch

Jordan Hawkins: A high-upside points and threes option if he starts next Sunday. Over ten starts, he’s managed 17.3 PPG and 3.3 3PG.

Dyson Daniels: Played 37 minutes with Zion out against the Spurs. A solid rebounds, assists, and steals option on nights when a couple of the starters are out. Just a strong steals streamer every other night.


New York Knicks

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. With the middle of the East so tight, the range of outcomes for the Knicks is very wide. They could end up as the three-seed in the East or could find themselves in the 7/8 play-in. Expect massive minutes for all of the starters the rest of the way and for O.G. Anunoby and Mitchell Robinson to play in both ends of New York’s Week 24 back-to-back set.

Players to Watch

Precious Achiuwa: Has produced mid-round numbers as a starter this year. Over his 18 starts, he’s averaged 12.5 PPG on 52.6 FG%, 0.6 3PG, 9.5 RPG, 1.1 SPG, and 1.8 BPG.

Bojan Bogdanovic: Not playing much under Thibs due to his issues on the defensive end, but would still have 20+ point, 3+ threes upside if the Knicks get to take a game or two off next week.


Oklahoma City Thunder

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Moderate. With SGA about to miss his fourth game in a row, and likely to miss additional time, it’s possible the Thunder fall far enough behind the Wolves and Nuggets to make the latter portions of Week 24 meaningless. How much the top three and Josh Giddey play next week will come down to what the Thunder and their competition do this weekend and next Tuesday and Wednesday. All three teams play three games between now and Wednesday night.

Players to Watch

Kenrich Williams: Posted a nice line with Williams out on Friday. A solid per-minute producer in threes, rebounds, and steals. Has had a few useful stretches in the past.

Isaiah Joe: Huge upside in threes anytime he starts. Currently producing 3.7 3P36. Started on Friday for SGA, so his usefulness may not be limited to end of Week 24.

Cason Wallace: Not a great per-minute player, but could be a high-usage for a night or two next week. Upside is fairly limited outside of steals, even in a big role.


Orlando Magic

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. Orlando is currently ranked fourth in the East. They are only two games back of the second-seeded Bucks and are only two games up on the seventh-seeded Heat. It is very likely all of their remaining games carry some meaning.

Players to Watch

Goga Bitadze: Not in the rotation at the moment, so unlikely to be more than a Week 24 Sunday stream. Top-100 potential anytime he starts. Averaging 7.5 PPG on 58.9 FG%, 7.3 RPG, and 1.7 BPG as a starter.

Mo Wagner: Fairly useful when WCJ sits, as we saw earlier in the year. A solid contributor in FG%, points, and rebounds when his minutes get out of the teens.

Markelle Fultz: Worth considering in deep leagues already after his 32-minute night against the Hornets on Friday. Could be a one-off, so opt for a safer option in 12-team leagues.


Philadelphia 76ers

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The Sixers are currently a game and a half out of the six seed and are just a half-game back of the Heat for HCA in the first play-in. Four of their remaining five games come against non-playoff teams which makes it very unlikely that the Sixers get locked into the eight-seed early next week and end up with nothing to play for late in Week 24.

Players to Watch

Paul Reed: The Sixers only have three games next week and do not have a back-to-back set, so Reed is unlikely to get a start unless next Sunday’s game means nothing which is unlikely. However, worth keeping an eye on since we know he’s capable of a mid-round line when Embiid sits.

Buddy Hield: Only worth considering if most of the starters are out next Sunday. Still a strong per-minute producer in his top categories. The drop-off is all the minutes.


Phoenix Suns

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The Suns are only one game clear of the play-in at the moment and have a very tough schedule the rest of the way. They get the Pelicans, Kings, Wolves, and the Clippers twice over the next nine days. It’s possible that they clinch the six seed before Sunday, but it’s unlikely they will manage that feat before Friday.

Players to Watch

Royce O’Neale: Has posted a first-round line in four of his last seven starts. Upside is much higher than most streamers. Would be worth a starting spot in Roto if he gets a start or two next week.

Bol Bol: A top-15 per-minute producer, so if the Suns rest their starters and Bol gets a start, we have to have to add.


Portland Trail Blazers

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. Everyone who was going to be shut down has been shut down with the exception of Deandre Ayton. It’s possible the center sits next week, but if they were going to make that move, they probably would have already.

Players to Watch

Duop Reath: Reath is the one Blazer reserve that hasn’t been unleashed yet. Whether he gets the chance to play big minutes next week is hard to say. If Ayton is shut down, Reath should produce top-100 lines. He’s currently averaging 13.9 PPG on 50.5 FG%, 1.9 3PG, 5.8 RPG, 0.8 SPG, and 0.9 BPG as a starter.


Sacramento Kings

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The Kings’ recent struggles have them in danger of falling into the 9/10 play-in. All of their remaining games should matter at least somewhat.

Players to Watch

Keon Ellis: Minutes have been all over the place lately, but on a night without no Fox, he’d be a good bet for 30+ minutes and some increased usage. Just a steals streamer for now.


San Antonio Spurs

Shutdown/Rest Odds: Low. The Spurs seem intent on letting Victor Wembanyama play out the season and do not seem too concerned about locking down the fourth-worst record in the league. They are currently tied with the Hornets for that spot. Finishing ahead of the Hornets would hurt their lottery chances slightly, but the drop would be very minor. The fourth-worst team in the league has just a 2.0 percent better chance at the top pick than the fifth-worst team in the league.

Players to Watch

Zach Collins: Wembanyama is unlikely to be rested next week, but Collins could see his minutes rise with the Spurs now down Sochan and Vassell. The veteran played 27 minutes against the Pelicans on Friday and posted a low-end line. Upside is limited with Wemby active, but he does still have the ability to produce useful numbers in most of the counting categories in a high-20s role.

Malaki Branham: Minutes and usage have been big since the Vassell injury. Does nothing besides score and hit threes but is a solid option if you need help in the scoring categories.

Devonte’ Graham: Played 25 minutes against the Pelicans on Friday. A nice points, threes, and assists options if the minutes remain in that range.

Sandro Mamukelashvili: Should have a decent-sized role in Week 24. Started and played 27 minutes against the Pelicans on Friday. Was useful during silly season last year and has the ability to help in points, threes, and rebounds.


Toronto Raptors

Shutdown/Rest Odds: High. The Raptors are a lock to finish with the sixth-worst record in the league. They will likely continue to do what they have done over the last couple of weeks which is rotate their starters in and out of the lineup.

Players to Watch

Gradey Dick: Could score in the high teens while averaging 2.5 3PG if the Raptors decide to give Barrett and/or Quickley the week off. Steal rate was solid early in the year but has fallen off.

Jordan Nwora: A high-usage player who can do good work in points, threes, rebounds, and steals when given extra run.

Mouhamadou Gueye: Doesn’t do anything but block shots, but he is very, very good at that. Averaging 1.5 BPG in just 9.7 RPG over his ten appearances this year.


Utah Jazz

Shutdown/Rest Odds: High. Lauri Markkanen has already been ruled out for the year and we are unlikely to see John Collins or Jordan Clarkson again. Collin Sexton could play until the end of Week 24, but with the combo guard coming off of an 18-minute night, his managers should be worried.

Players to Watch

Omer Yurtseven: Should start as long as Kessler is out with a broken nose. A double-double threat anytime he steps on the court. Currently producing 14.2 PP36 on 54.3 FG%, 13.2 RP36, and 1.5 BP36.

Taylor Hendricks: Already a 12-team add. Minutes haven’t been huge but have been enough to make the rookie a borderline top-100 option. Has averaged 10.8 PPG, 2.3 3PG, 5.2 RPG, and 0.8 BPG over his last six.

Brice Sensabaugh: A great points and threes option for Week 24, assuming Collins is done. Scored 22 points in back-to-back games earlier in the week and hit 5+ threes in both games.


Washington Wizards

Shutdown/Rest Odds: High. The Wizards are a lock to finish with the second-worst record in the league, but it looks like they are still going to shut down most of their regulars. Tyus Jones was unofficially shut down over a week ago, Marvin Bagley has a “week-to-week” knee sprain, and Kyle Kuzma is now missing games with an ankle sprain that popped up out of nowhere. Deni Avdija and Jordan Poole are still playing and could play most, if not all, of Week 24.

Players to Watch

Tristan Vukcevic: The last man standing at the five. Should continue to start with both Bagley and Holmes likely done. Averaging 16.0 PP, 1.5 3PG, 5.0 RPG, 1.0 SPG, and 1.0 BPG since the promotion.

Jared Butler: Minutes weren’t there against the Blazers, but were before that game. A very nice assists and steals option. Has managed 5.1 APG and 1.4 SPG over his last seven in just 21.6 MPG.