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Punting Guides

2023-2024 Punt Blocks Guide (Yahoo)

2023-2024 Punt Blocks Guide (ESPN)




8) Giannis Antetokounmpo (PF/C) – Giannis has gone from a no-brainer top-three pick to a somewhat risky first-round selection in a hurry. Last year, the two-time MVP failed to crack the top 100 in nine-category leagues and barely snuck into the top 10 when his horrendous free throw shooting (64.5 FT% on 12.3 FTA) was thrown out. His rough 2022-2023 campaign should make you a little nervous, but not enough to make you pass on Giannis in the first. There are some reasons for optimism. The first is that down-years from all-time greats happen and aren’t necessarily predictive of what is to come. We are only a few years removed from a top-35 season from LeBron James. It looked like James’ time as an elite fantasy asset was over after that disappointing finish in 2020-2021. He then proceeded to crack the top five the year after. Giannis’ newest teammate Damian Lillard went through something similar. He was a top-50 per-game option in 2021-2022. The point guard followed up that disappointing campaign with yet another top-eight finish in 2022-2023. Antetokoumpo is still only 28 and should still be in his prime. It would be surprising if his decline started this early. The second reason for optimism is the coaching change. Budenholzer being swapped out for Adrian Griffin could prove to be a boon for the power forward. Griffin may not limit Giannis’ minutes as much as Bud did and the system change could help the former Finals MVP’s defensive numbers get back on track. Last season, the Bucks moved away from the drop coverage they were famous for during the Bud era. Their opponents’ three-point attempts fell and so did the team’s steal rate. Giannis’ role on defense also changed. He contested fewer shots at the rim in 2022-2023 than he did in 2021-2022. It’s not a lock that the coaching change leads to improved steal and block numbers for the superstar, but given his career numbers, and given that Griffin is coming from a team with a defensive system that prioritized turning over the opponent, there is a good chance that Antetokounmpo’s defensive contributions return to normal. Lillard moving to Milwaukee should not have a major impact on Giannis’ value. He will lose a little usage, but the dip should not be significant. Khris Middleton will be the Buck that bears the brunt of the hit. The two-time MVP’s overall value will not change in a significant way if he’s scoring 28 PPG instead of 31 PPG. If you do decide to roll the dice on the Buck, make threes a priority throughout the draft. The punt FT% build can have issues with points, threes, and assists. Giannis addresses the issue with points by himself and puts you in a decent spot in dimes coming out of round one, but if you take the Buck and another dominant punt FT% big during the first handful of rounds, you are going to be in a major hole in triples.

Best Builds: Punt FT%


Pairing Guides

Punt Blocks:

Nikola Jokic/Karl-Anthony Towns

Above average in Rebounds, Assists, FG%, FT%

Below average in Points, Threes, Steals, Turnovers

Punt Assists:

Jayson Tatum/Mikal Bridges (Roto)

Above average in Points, Threes, FT%, Turnovers

Below average in Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, FG%


Fast Starts Guides

Nikola Jokic (Pick 1)

Punt Threes:

Jokic/Butler/Adebayo/DeRozan/Ayton – A perfect start in punt threes. Only blocks are below average. That is not an issue with plenty of strong swats options in the middle and late rounds this year. Dominant in rebounds and both percentages. Doubling up on Heat players is no longer risky with Lillard in Milwaukee. Miami has a strong playoff schedule in most setups and is unlikely to be good enough to rest their studs.

Jayson Tatum (Pick 3-7)

Punt FG%:

Tatum/Towns/Dejounte Murray/Porzingis/Barnes – This is a group that comes with no significant per-game weaknesses. This combination is slightly below average in points and average or better everywhere else. It is an excellent start in turnovers for a punt FG% team. You won’t be quite as dominant in the category as the punt assists teams, but you’ll be ahead of everyone else. That’s key because a punt FG% team that can win turnovers consistently will be extremely hard to beat.


Team Building Tool


Here are some screenshots of the tool:

Jayson Tatum/Donovan Mitchell/Bam Adebayo vs. Jayson Tatum/Mikal Bridges/Karl-Anthony Towns

A punt threes squad built around Nikola Jokic that was drafted during an Industry Mock:

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