23/24 Punt Threes Guides

The Punt Threes Strategy

Punting threes is another strategy that every category league player should get familiar with. Not because it’s guaranteed to show up in your league like punt FG% is. It may not. This is not a strategy that you are going to see novice punters deploy too often. You need to get familiar with it because it is a damn good strategy. Every time I write a punt threes guide or roll with the strategy, I become more convinced that this build has an argument for the top spot in the nine-category league punting strategy rankings. The king of eight-category leagues will likely continue to be punt FG% for the foreseeable future due to the imbalance between the number of guard-friendly categories and big-friendly categories, but in nine-category leagues, punt threes can hang with anyone—including punt assists. Punting dimes used to be my default strategy when playing in a tough league or when stuck with a rough draft position. Now, I find myself leaning toward punt triples. Like punt assists, punt threes is a fairly straightforward strategy that changes the rankings enough to make it easy to find players throughout the draft that are extremely likely to badly outplay their draft position. Usually, these players end up being big men. A lot of bigs that are top-60 players in other builds flirt with the early rounds here, and many late-round bigs who are borderline players in other setups will finish comfortably inside of the top 100 when threes are tossed.

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