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The Punt Blocks Strategy

The punt blocks build may not be as flashy or as popular as strategies like punt FT% or punt FG%, but that doesn’t mean it is not a championship-winning strategy. This is a classic build that has become even more effective as the NBA has transitioned to a more perimeter-oriented league. With very few teams running double-big lineups these days, finding quality sources of swats has become more difficult than ever. The numbers bear that out. In 2014-2015, 20 players averaged 1.5 blocks or more. Last season, that number dropped to ten. If you are working with a different build that is aiming to win blocks consistently, you will be competing with every other team in your league for a very small group of players that usually don’t produce a ton of value outside of swats. Not only will you often have to reach for these rare strong sources of blocks, you’ll usually be weakening yourself in a handful of categories while doing so.

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