22/23 Punt FT% Guides

The Punt FT% Strategy

The punt FT% strategy is a strategy that will show up in every single competitive H2H league. As long as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Luka Doncic continue to throw up bricks at the line, there will be a place for the OG of punting strategies. While you will see this strategy in every league, you won’t always see this strategy done right. Fantasy basketball’s most famous punting build is also its most misunderstood. Screwing up this strategy during the Dwight Howard era was understandable. For fantasy basketball, that was the Stone Age. Big sites would tell you to pair Dwight with Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo and go from there. All three players gained a significant amount of value when FT% was ignored, so it must have been a strong combination, right? Wrong. Starting your draft with that group would usually lead to a team that would struggle to be competitive in more than five categories. Punt FT%, like all of the other punting strategies, is not just about targeting players who gain a significant amount of value when the punted category is ignored. That’s one piece of it, but that’s not going to be what determines whether you come out of the draft with a dominant squad. What is going to separate a great punt FT% team from just an average one is how well you can complement the players that jump to the top of the rankings when FT% is ignored.

2022-2023 Punt FT% Guide (Yahoo)

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