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The Punt Blocks Strategy

The punt blocks strategy is another strategy that you should at least familiarize yourself with. Not because it’s guaranteed to show up in your league like punt FG% and punt FT% are, but because like its sister strategy, punt steals, it is one of the easiest strategies to switch to mid-draft. The early rounds don’t always go your way, so it’s important to have a backup strategy. Punt blocks tends to be one of the better mid-draft pivots because there are not a ton of swats in the early rounds. There are only a handful of early-round players that make punting blocks inadvisable. The strategy is only a no-go zone if you come away from the first three rounds with one or more of Joel EmbiidGiannis AntetokounmpoAnthony DavisRudy Gobert, or Robert Williams. All of the other early-round bigs work fine in this build, and many are no-brainer targets for this setup.

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