23/24 Yahoo Busts V.1

Yahoo usually does a good job of avoiding ranking players too high. The Yahoo Sleeper List is always fairly lengthy, but it’s been a few years since the Bust List included plenty of names. This year is no exception. While the Sleeper List includes almost 30 names, this year’s Bust List is about half the length. Most of the players on this list fall into two buckets. The first bucket is injury-prone players who are not worth the risk at their current price. The second group is players whose lines are not good fits for category leagues. These players tend to excel in the popcorn categories (Points, Rebounds, and Assists) that fantasy players always overvalue. Remember, you don’t get extra points for winning points or assists. A player appearing on this list does not mean they are a bad pick this year. It just means they are poor value at their current spot. For example, I would love to have Victor Wembanyama on my team this year. However, given the risk that accompanies the young big, I don’t feel comfortable taking him at the end of the third or at the beginning of the fourth.

This list will be updated as draft season moves along.

2023-2024 Yahoo Busts

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