23/24 Week 7 Pickups

Anyone in a decent-sized role on an in-tournament team: Unless you have gotten lucky and your squad is full of players on the teams still alive in the in-season tournament, your only path to extra games in Week 7 will be through targeting the low-end options on the Lakers, Suns, Kings, Pelicans, Celtics, Pacers, Knicks, and Bucks. All of their clear rotation players are viable in all leagues for the next week. Even if a pickup gives you 6 and 4 and nothing else, that’s better than nothing, which is going to be the alternative for most teams. You’ll want to grab players on the tournament teams immediately because your entire league is going to be chasing the same small group of players. If you wait until Sunday or Monday, you may find yourself stuck with the Payton Pritchards or Luke Kornets of the world instead of the more useful options.

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Week 7 Pickups