23/24 Roto Top 150

This year’s Roto Top 150 is very different from this season’s H2H Top 150. That is because the two formats require very different approaches. In Roto, it is possible to punt, but it is not a strategy that every team should employ, as it is in H2H. Punting works in Roto but only when only one category is punted. It’s possible to win while punting two categories, but that approach is not recommended. Punting two categories leaves you with zero room for error elsewhere. If you plan to punt, you need to have your strategy down cold prior to the draft. Do not decide to punt on the fly. Punt assists tends to be the punting strategy that is the easiest to pull off in Roto. That is because it doesn’t come with as many significant weaknesses as other builds. You are less likely to find yourself unintentionally punting a second category when punting assists than you are when punting FT% or FG%. 

Injury-prone players will have more value in Roto than in H2H. Missed games late in the season do not matter nearly as much in Roto. A poorly-time sit in late March can end your season in H2H. In Roto, it’s just a minor annoyance. It is possible for a player to play 60 games and still be a strong pick in Roto. That is rarely the case in H2H.

The third major difference between the two formats is the ease at which you can stash. In H2H, stashing a player often means playing a man down or getting minimal value out of one of your roster spots. In Roto, where we can just bench an injured player/second-half breakout candidate, the penalty for rostering a stash is very low. Because of this difference, we should be placing even more value on upside when deciding on our late-round targets in Roto. You do want at least one of your bench options to startable in case of injury, but you don’t need all of them to be usable at the start of the season.

These rankings reflect all of those differences. Players who are dependent on a punting strategy to boost their value are not ranked as highly here as they are in the H2H rankings. You’ll also notice that injury-prone players are ranked much more aggressively. Players like Kyrie Irving and Kristaps Porzingis are ranked higher here than in the H2H Top 150. The later rounds also look very different. High-floor/low-ceiling options have been dropped and high-ceiling/low-floor options have been moved up.

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2023-2024 Roto Top 150

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