23/24 Opening Night Box Score Analysis (2 Games)

LeBron James: LeBron teams may be in a little trouble. James was limited last night. As the game was going on, it was assumed that this was just a game one thing, but after the game, Ham suggested that LeBron is going to around 30 MPG this year. If that proves to be the case, James is going to be a mid-round player. A 5+ MPG drop from last season is going to have a major impact on his entire line. While we should be worried, I would not be panic selling. We don’t know if what Ham is saying is going to end up being true. Coaches talk nonsense all the time. We are also extremely likely to get some extended stretches this year where AD is in a suit. LBJ won’t be able to play 30 MPG then. If things aren’t looking great for LeBron and his minutes this year, wait until the AD injury and then try to sell. If James does play less this year, Davis, Reeves, and Russell will all pick up usage.

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Opening Night Box Score Analysis