23/24 Oct. 31 Box Score Analysis (3 Games)

*I’m going to be extending the “Draft Season” package expiry date until the end of Week 2. Starting in Week 3, there will be a package available that allows you to purchase rest-of-season access to the site.

Julius Randle (Buy Low): Another rough night from the field and the line from Randle. It’s annoying, but right now, the poor shooting nights are not a major worry. His role remains monstrous and his assist rate is way up this year. In 2022-2023, Randle averaged 4.1 APG. This season, he’s sitting at 5.5 APG despite losing some fourth-quarter minutes in a couple of the Knicks’ games due to the score. He’s a buy-low target, but only in certain builds. Not every squad should be willing to take a double-percentages hit. The punt assists build, for example, is not a great spot for Randle. Punt FG% is the best build for the big man, especially in eight-category leagues. In punt blocks, he’s just a so-so fit. The boards are a major help there, but the FG% hit that accompanies him is problematic since that build is naturally weak in the category. If you want Randle and his messy line, offer players who were drafted in the seventh or eighth round and see if you get a bite.

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October 31st Box Score Analysis