23/24 Nov. 21 Box Score Analysis (5 Games)

O.G. Anuonby (Buy Low): Back-to-back quiet nights for Anuonby. It’s possible his hand is still bothering him. The Raptor is now producing just borderline top-100 numbers on the year due to a fluky start at the line (61.9 FT%) and a surprisingly weak steal rate. The FT% is not a concern. Anunoby has taken only 21 free throw attempts this year. A couple extra makes and everything looks good. The lack of steals is a little concerning because swipes is where he derives most of his value. However, given his current deflection numbers, I wouldn’t be too worried. O.G. is currently averaging 2.7 deflections per game. That’s down from the 3.6 he managed last year, but it is still a big number. His swipes are sitting at only 1.1 SPG because his recovery rate on deflections is extremely low and unsustainable. Anunoby would be around 1.5 SPG if he was recovering those deflections at his usual rate. If you can get the Raptor for a mid-round player, I would make that move. He’s probably not going to match last season’s 1.9 SPG, which was a number well above his career norms, but 1.5 SPG and a top-40 finish remains very possible.

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November 21th Box Score Analysis