23/24 Nov. 19 Box Score Analysis (9 Games)

Cade Cunningham (Buy Low in Punt FG%/TO): Another very rough night for Cade. Since his big opener, it’s been nothing but duds. The popcorn stats have looked nice fairly often, but almost all of his big scoring nights have been ruined by some awful efficiency, a nonexistent steal rate, and a turnover rate that is keeping his managers up at night. He’s a buy-low because he’s very unlikely to struggle this much all year, but only in certain setups. In punt FG% and turnovers, he’s a great target. His price should be below his output in that build. Despite his struggles, the Piston is currently posting top-50 numbers in that double-punt. It would only take minor improvement to get him inside of the top 30. In Roto, and in other builds, I’d be careful with Cunningham. His price likely isn’t low enough at the moment to make a proper buy-low offer feasible. You probably can’t get him for less than a top-80 player right now. If you go any higher than that, you risk losing the trade, potentially by quite a bit. Cunningham is currently ranked outside of the top 200 in nine-category leagues. In eight-category setups, he’s only been a borderline top-100 option.

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November 19th Box Score Analysis