23/24 Nov. 13 Box Score Analysis (4 Games)

Daniel Gafford: Last night, the Wizards pulled off one of the most shameless tank jobs you will ever see. Unseld treated this game like it was taking place on April 13th instead of November 13th. Gafford was dominating the Raptors all night and Unseld rewarded him by playing him a total of zero minutes in the fourth. With no rim protector in the game, the Raptors proceeded to destroy the Wizards inside. They finished the game on a 22-1 run with every single basket during that run coming in the paint. Gafford has two problems right now. The first is foul trouble. The second, and more concerning one at the moment, is that he’s a little too good for the Wizards. Washington has been respectable when he’s been in the game this year, and after last night, it’s clear that respectable basketball is something the Wizards want to avoid playing. It looks like it’s going to be a very annoying year for Gafford managers. Not necessarily a bad one, but an annoying one. There is clearly huge potential here. The last three times Gafford has played 26+ minutes, he’s produced three first-round-level lines. Despite some extremely quiet nights, the Wizard is currently ranked inside of the top 75 in nine-category leagues.

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November 13th Box Score Analysis