23/24 Nov. 1 Box Score Analysis (13 Games)

I was only able to get through seven of the 13 games tonight. Normally, I’d just write up the other six tomorrow morning, but since I have a five-hour flight with a toddler tomorrow, I’m not going to have time to finish it off. Instead, I threw together a couple of tweets that break down the six remaining games. You can find those tweets here and here.

Brook Lopez: Another very tough night for Brook, although this one was predictable due to the opponent. He’s a buy-low, but you shouldn’t expect last year’s numbers. His 2022-2023 block rate was an outlier, and the new defensive system looks like it’s not going to be as friendly to his defensive numbers. After tonight, Lopez is contesting just 9.5 two-point shots per night. Last year, he led the league in the category (by a mile) with 15.7. Some of that dip is due to the MPG drop, but it doesn’t account for the entire decrease. If you want to buy low on the center, do so with a player drafted outside the top 100. It’s not a proper buy-low if you offer someone better than that.

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November 1st Box Score Analysis