22/23 Yahoo Busts

Yahoo has cleaned up their rankings quite a bit after a very questionable start to draft season. There are still plenty of players ranked too low in their rankings, but there are not a lot of players that are ranked much higher than they should be. Overall, Yahoo has done a solid job with their rankings this year, which is both good and bad. It’s good because it leads to parity in fantasy leagues, but it’s also bad because it limits our teams’ upside. Below are more than a dozen players that are ranked more than a round too high on Yahoo. A player appearing on this list does not mean that they are a bad pick this year. It just means that they are poor value at their current spot. For example, I would love to have Anthony Edwards on my team this year, I just don’t feel comfortable taking him in the middle of the second.

This list was updated to account for the major rankings update that Yahoo made at the end of September. If/when the next major update happens, I will be updating this list to reflect the new rankings. I will also be making adjustments to this list as preseason goes along and rotations start to take form.

2022-2023 Yahoo Busts

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