23/24 Punt Points Guides

Punting points is for those who will not be satisfied with just winning their league. It is for those who want to demoralize their opponents to the point where they are left wondering why they even bothered to join the league in the first place. While this is not the easiest strategy to pull off, it is an absolute league-ender when everything clicks. Punt assists, punt FG%, and friends are all great strategies that can lead to a team that dominates your league, but none of those builds have the upside that punt points has. What gives the punt points build its incredibly high ceiling is its ability to shake up the rankings in a way that no other build can. When you ignore points, some All-Stars become forgettable assets and some role players suddenly become early-round players. While your opponents are grabbing players that may outplay their draft position by a round or two, you’ll be scooping up players that have the potential to outperform their draft slot by a handful of rounds. If you take a look at last year’s nine-category punt points rankings, you’ll find Delon Wright inside the top 30 and Ja Morant outside the top 175. You’ll see also Onyeka Okongwu ranked inside the top 45, almost 70 spots ahead of Brandon Ingram. None of those rankings are a fluke. That’s just what happens when points don’t count. Because of how much the rankings change when points are ignored, it will be possible to finish your draft with five or six top-35 punt points options on your team and not a single player projected to finish outside the top 100 when points don’t count. That’s not something that can be achieved in any other build. Punting points also makes it easier to play the wire. Not having to worry about points greatly increases the pool of useful players and also ensures that there will be top-100 options on the wire at all times. 

2023-2024 Punt Points Guide (Yahoo)

2023-2024 Punt Points Guide (ESPN)

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