23/24 Punt FG% Guides

The Punt FG% Strategy

Elite Fantasy Basketball’s punt FG% guide is always a must-read. I say that not because it helps with the SEO, but because unless you play in a two-team league, you are a lock to come across this strategy. You’ll either be deploying it yourself or facing off against multiple versions of it. Punt FG% is the most popular punting strategy fantasy, and at least in eight-category leagues, that is for good reason. When the punt FG% strategy is properly implemented, it leads to teams that are very hard to top. That is because standard category leagues favor small-ball teams. In nine-category leagues, five of the nine categories tend to be dominated by guards. In eight-category leagues, the advantage is even greater. Throw in the bias that fantasy players have towards high-scoring and high-assist players and you have a build that is going to be the default strategy for many.

You are also likely to come across multiple iterations of the punt FG% strategy because it is a strategy that can work with almost all of the first-round picks. Starting the build with Nikola JokicGiannis Antetokounmpo, or Kevin Durant doesn’t make sense, but every other common first-round pick is a good-to-great starting point for this build. That includes the other first-round big men. Don’t get tricked into thinking big men = bad in this build. That is far from the truth. Big men are actually the key to this strategy. Anyone can identify and pick guards that gain a significant amount of value when FG% is ignored. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Fred VanVleet is a great target for this build. What separates the pros from the amateurs is how well you complement the low-FG% guards with bigs and wings who excel in the big man categories.

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