23/24 Mar. 19th Box Score Analysis (6 Games)

Pelicans 114 Pistons 101

Pelicans Schedule: New Orleans is one of just two teams with three quality games in Week 22. The other team is the Bucks. Both teams play on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you are overloaded on a couple of the busy days, the best way to pick up extra games this week will be by adding Pelicans or Bucks. The Pelicans’ starting lineup should be rostered in all leagues. Nance is a must as well. He’s been quiet in his last couple of outings, but he does have a fair amount of upside due to what he can do in FG%, rebounds, and steals. He could be a 6.0 RPG and 1.5 SPG player in Week 22 if the Pelicans don’t end up on either side of a blowout. On nights when the game is competitive, Nance sees minutes in the high 20s. The schedule makes Naji Marshall a very strong add as well. He should see minutes in the mid-20s with Brandon Ingram out for at least a couple of weeks and likely longer. Jose Alvarado is a solid deep league add and is viable in 12-team setups, although he’ll only be very useful if you need swipes.


Chimezie Metu: If Metu continues to start, he should end up as a 12-team player. The forward does have a fantasy-friendly game and could be a solid source of boards and steals, and possibly points as well, with the Pistons looking like they are going to put the tank into overdrive down the stretch. Metu is currently producing a solid 8.5 RP36 and 1.5 SP36. Those numbers line up with what he’s produced in the past. For now, he’s more of a deep league add. His short-term value is held back by the Pistons’ schedule. Detroit only plays three games in Week 22 and all three games come on days when 10+ games are being played.

Marcus Sasser: Ugly stuff from Sasser, but we don’t want to write him off just yet. He could be useful down the stretch with Cade now sitting with knee soreness that probably isn’t real. If Sasser is starting going forward, he could score in the low teens while averaging 1.5+ 3PG and 6.0 APG. As is the case with Metu, we want to watch for now instead of add in 12-team leagues with the Pistons’ Week 22 schedule being weak.


Sixers 121 Clippers 107

Mo Bamba: Bamba is viable next week if blocks is a toss-up category and if most of the other categories don’t look too competitive. In that scenario, the big man could be useful despite Philadelphia’s weak schedule. All four of the Sixers’ Week 22 games come on the busy days. He won’t give you much else, but the former fantasy stud can still bring the heat in swats. Over his last seven, Bamba averaged 1.4 BPG in just 22.8 MPG. The rest of his line will be low-end.

Buddy Hield (Drop): Hield got the start with Lowry getting a rest day and did nothing. He’s fine to hold for tonight with Oubre questionable, but after that, he’s a clear drop in 12- and 14-team leagues. When both Lowry and Oubre are active, Hield will likely play minutes in the low-to-mid-teens. Unless you play in a very deep league, you should be able to find a better threes streamer.


Norman Powell: What to do with Powell comes do to how badly you need points and what your schedule looks like. If points is a deciding category, then he’s fine to hold, but if you don’t, he’s a must-drop. Powell should average about 16 PPG this week which is more than most points streamers will manage. He’ll also average 2.0+ 3PG, but if points is not competitive, I’d look elsewhere for a threes streamer with a better schedule. Powell’s Week 22 value if held by back the Clippers’ schedule. They are one of a handful of four-game teams that play all four of their games on the four busy days.

Ivica Zubac: Same deal as Powell. What to do with Zubac comes down to category need and how many times you can start the big man. If you need FG%, rebounds, and blocks and can get at least three games out of Zubac, hold him. If you can start him only twice or a couple of the big man categories aren’t in play, swap him for a more well-rounded option or a big with a quality game or two.


Heat 121 Cavaliers 84

Delon Wright: I wouldn’t get too excited about the 30 minutes since this game was over very early, but I would keep a close eye on Delon and I would consider streaming him on Tuesday for the Heat’s lone quality game of the week. Anytime the combo guard is seeing 20+ MPG, he is a good bet for two swipes. He didn’t have any last night, but he is averaging an absurd 2.5 SP36 on the year. When given extra run, he’s also a good bet for about four dimes per night.

Caleb Martin: Martin is a drop in most leagues now that he’s dealing with an ankle injury. He’s questionable for Tuesday, and even if he does play then, he’s not a great target because Miami’s next game comes on Friday. Martin doesn’t have enough upside to be worth holding through back-to-back off days. After a nice stretch of games in early March, the forward has cooled off quite a bit. Over his last four, he’s managed just 7.0 PG on 27.8 FG%, 0.8 3PG, 3.8 RPG, 1.5 APG, and 1.3 SPG.


Caris LeVert: I wouldn’t read too much into the minutes distribution in this one. This game was over in the first half and the Cavaliers took it easy with this game being the first of a back-to-back set. Expect LeVert and the rest of the starters to be back in their 30+ MPG roles against the Hornets today. LeVert is a must-roster and a must-start in Roto despite the awful night. The Cavalier has been a top-80ish player since Mitchell went down.

Georges Niang: Not every team will be able to make good use of Niang this week due to the Cavaliers’ four games coming on the four busy days, but if you do have some open starting spots on those days and need threes, Niang is worth considering, especially in deeper leagues where your options are likely limited. He has a fairly beefy role at the moment with Cleveland down both Mitchell and Strus. Niang is seeing minutes in the mid-to-high 20s most nights and has averaged 12.1 PPG and 2.1 3PG over his last seven.


Bucks 118 Thunder 93

Malik Beasley (Pick Up): Beasley is a must-add in all leagues due to the Bucks’ schedule. Milwaukee is one of just two teams with three quality games this week. Even if you don’t need threes, I would consider the Buck, especially if you are overloaded on one or two of the busy days. Low-end numbers in the non-scoring categories is still better than nothing. If you are not targeting players with games on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, it’s going to be very difficult to pick up extra games this week. Over the last month, Beasley has averaged 11.5 PPG on 41.3 FG%, 2.9 3PG, 3.6 RPG, 1.5 APG, and 0.8 SPG. Bobby Portis is also a must in extremely shallow leagues if he’s available due to the schedule. Patrick Beverley is worth a look in 16+ team leagues, although you may have better options there.



Josh Giddey: The Giddey resurgence continues. It wasn’t expected, but we’ll take it. Over his last six, the Australian has produced a very helpful 13.3 PPG on 50.0 FG%, 1.7 3PG, 6.3 RPG, and 5.2 APG. He’s not for matchups where you need defensive numbers (0.2 SPG, 0.5 BPG over that same stretch), but if you need help in the popcorn categories, it will be hard to do better. In Roto, he is worth starting at the moment if you need help in his best categories. The Thunder have a quality game on Tuesday before finishing their week with three games on the busy days.

Cason Wallace: Wallace is on a heater in swipes and is worth considering as a streamer early in Week 22 due to the Thunder’s Tuesday game. After that, he’ll be a drop with OKC only playing on the busy days. Over his last six, the rookie has averaged an excellent 1.8 SPG. The rest of his line will be extremely forgettable.


Wolves 114 Warriors 110

Kyle Anderson: A very nice punt points type of line from Anderson who is now a drop due to the Wolves’ schedule. Unless you play in a deep league, holding Anderson until the end of Week 22 doesn’t make a lot of sense. The Wolves do not start their Week 22 schedule until Wednesday and their three games this week come on three of the busy days. If you are still fortunate enough to be playing for something, odds are Anderson won’t be part of your top ten on at least one of those three busy days. In Roto, he’s still worth holding. Anderson does produce a fairly unique line that can help some teams. Very few players can produce quality numbers in rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks like the forward can. Over his last six, Anderson has averaged 5.2 RPG, 5.8 APG, 1.3 SPG, and 0.8 BPG.

Naz Reid: It looks like the Wolves are going back to the double-big lineup with Reid in the place of Towns. That’s great news and makes Reid a solid hold this week despite Minnesota’s iffy schedule. As long as he’s starting and playing minutes in the high 20s, the big man should be one of your top ten options and therefore worth a start on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. In each of his last five starts, Reid has scored at least 17 points and has hit at least two triples while putting up strong numbers in rebounds and blocks.


Chris Paul: Paul is a hold until Tuesday with the Warriors being one of just eight teams with a game on that day. After that, he’ll be a matchup-dependent player. If assists are not a toss-up category, I would look to move on from the point guard. Paul is doing very little outside of dimes lately and the Warriors’ three remaining games come on the very busy Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday slates. Over his last five appearances, Paul has managed just 10.6 PPG, 1.4 3PG, 6.4 APG, and 0.2 SPG in 21.7 MPG. Don’t expect a major jump in value unless the Warriors run into injury problems again. Paul’s minutes have dropped because the team is finally at full strength.

Andrew Wiggins: Wiggins will be useful on Tuesday, but after that, he’ll be a drop for a player with a game on Thursday and/or Saturday. Wiggins is low-end points, below-average threes, and not much else these days. That is a line that is very easy to find and makes him an easy drop when the schedule gets rough, like it does for the Warriors after Tuesday. Over his last 12, the Canadian has produced a forgettable 12.6 PPG on 46.7 FG%, 1.5 3PG, 4.8 RPG, 1.7 APG, 0.7 SPG, and 0.4 BPG.


Lakers 150 Pacers 145

Rui Hachimura: Hachimura is a strong pickup for the next couple of days with the Lakers one of only a handful of teams with a game on Tuesday. Give him a look if you need a bump in FG%, points, and threes in Week 22. Hachimura’s overall value will always be mediocre because his game is not category-league friendly, but he can help out in the scoring categories without hurting us from the field. Over the last 30 days, the forward has averaged a useful 15.4 PPG on 56.5 FG% and 1.6 3PG. His usefulness after Tuesday will vary by team. The Lakers’ three remaining Week 22 games all come on busy days.

Spencer Dinwiddie: Great stuff from Dinwiddie who got a spot start with D’Angelo Russell a late scratch with an illness. The combo guard will be worth streaming again if Russell sits on Tuesday. However, if he doesn’t, I would stay away from Dinwiddie and look at other players with a quality game or two this week. Dinwiddie is doing next to nothing on nights when he comes off the bench. Before last night’s explosion, Dinwiddie had scored in double figures just three times since joining the Lakers and had recorded more than three assists just three times since moving to LA.


Pacers Role Players: Everyone on the Pacers beyond the top three is droppable after Monday night. Indiana only has three games this week and all three come on busy days, so unless you play in a deep league, or are fortunate enough to have a bunch of players on your roster with multiple quality games, Nesmith, McConnell, and Nembhard won’t be very useful this week. Nesmith looks especially dicey after picking up knee bruise last night. Once the schedule goes back to normal, both McConnell and Nesmith will be 12-team holds and Nembhard will be a back-end 14-team league piece. If Nesmith has to miss time, McDermott should turn into a strong threes streamer.