23/24 Feb. 5 Box Score Analysis (6 Games)

Bruce Brown/Gary Trent/Dennis Schroder: It is very likely that at least two, if not all three, of the Raptor wings are on the move Thursday. Trent is expiring and Brown and Schroder have been generating interest around the league. Brown should be held through the deadline. There are a lot of spots out there where he could be at least a top-120 option. Trent is a reasonable stash as well. If he lands on a team with a defensive system that boosts his steal rate, he could become interesting again. Schroder doesn’t need to be held through the deadline. The German is not going to have a major role on a playoff team. His early-season top-100 run was made possible by the Raptors having no other legitimate options at the one.

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February 5th Box Score Analysis