22/23 Punt Threes Guides

The Punt Threes Strategy

The question that I get asked the most during the preseason is what do I think is the best punting strategy. My answer to that is always “it depends”. If you are in an eight-category league, then punt FG% is king. With five categories geared towards guards and only three geared towards bigs, you almost have to go small. Other strategies are definitely viable, and I do not punt FG% every time I play in an eight-category league, but a well-built punt FG% team is going to be very hard to beat due to the rules of the game. In nine-category leagues, I’m a little more torn. I always hype punt assists, and for good reason. It is the easiest build to understand, the easiest to pull off, and it comes with a high floor and ceiling. But I can’t say with confidence that it’s the best overall strategy in nine-category leagues because of this build. Punt threes is that good. If you are starting your team with one of the first-round bigs or a first-round guard that doesn’t have too much value tied up in triples, then this is a strategy that you absolutely have to consider. No other strategy is friendlier to bigs and no other strategy boosts the value of Nikola Jokic or Joel Embiid like punt threes does.

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