22/23 Punt Steals Guides

The Punt Steals Strategy

This is another punting guide that is worth a read, even if you have another strategy in mind. Not because it’s a strategy that a large chunk of your league is going to use like punt FG% is, but because this is a strategy that works well not only as a primary strategy but as a mid-draft pivot. Having a backup strategy that you can pivot to is very important, as you can never predict with 100 percent accuracy how a draft is going to go. Even if you’ve been drafting with the same group of friends for a decade, you are still going to get some surprises early, and sometimes all it takes to destroy Plan A and Plan B is an unfortunately timed reach from an opponent. If you have a strong pivot strategy in place, then you’ll be fine. If you don’t, then you’re going to be on tilt two or three rounds in, and that never ends well. Punting steals works great as a mid-round pivot because you don’t have to commit to the strategy early. You are never going to come out of the fourth round drawing dead in steals. It’s not the easiest category to find during the second half of the draft, but there isn’t any combination of early-round players that prevents you from getting back to at least average in the category.

2022-2023 Punt Steals Guide (Yahoo)

2022-2023 Punt Steals Guide (ESPN)

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