22/23 Punt FG% Guides

I say this every year, but it’s worth repeating. Regardless of whether or not you plan on rolling with the punt FG% strategy, you need to read this guide. That’s because in any league worth its salt, you are going to go up against this strategy. In fact, in competitive leagues, especially competitive eight-category leagues, it is very likely that a few of your competitors decide to ignore FG%. And that’s for good reason. When the punt FG% strategy is properly implemented, it leads to teams that are very hard to top. That’s because standard category leagues favor small-ball teams. In both nine- and eight-category leagues, there are more categories that guards tend to excel in than categories that big men tend to excel in. This is especially true in eight-category leagues where turnovers – a big man-friendly category – doesn’t count.

2022-2023 Punt FG% Guide (Yahoo)

2022-2023 Punt FG% Guide (ESPN)

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