23/24 Week 2 Pickups

It’s been an interesting start to the year. While there haven’t been a ton of potential difference-makers popping up on the wire, there have been quite a few potential top-100 players. That’s a nice change from last season when the top Week 1 pickup was Santi Aldama. Most of the players on the below list will be gone in competitive leagues. However, it’s still a useful list because it helps you tier the hot Week 1 pickups. When deciding between the below group, it’s important to give priority to high-upside players over high-floor players.

Standard League (12 Team) Strong Adds 

Jalen Johnson – Jalen Johnson is Week 1’s top add. Xavier Tillman should be more productive in the short term, but Johnson is the pickup that has the best chance of being a difference-maker when the fantasy playoffs roll around. He followed up his impressive opener with a big game two, and it now looks like he has a shot at minutes in the high 20s, even if he continues to come off the bench. In a major role, Johnson has the potential to produce useful numbers in most categories. His offense is a work in progress, but he’ll help you win rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and FG%. With the Hawks’ starting swingmen being underwhelming, don’t be surprised if he moves into the starting lineup sooner rather than later.

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Week 2 Pickups