23/24 Week 17 Pickups

Standard League (12 Team) Strong Adds 

Andre Drummond – The big minute outing against the Wolves was not that exciting. We could chalk that one up to the matchup. However, the 31 minutes against a Memphis team lacking quality frontcourt options should get our attention. That was a surprise, as we haven’t seen that much of the double-big lineup against teams who don’t employ a double-big lineup themselves. It’s very hard to predict where this will go, but given Drummond’s upside, we have to add. If he starts playing even 27 MPG, he will be a mid-round player in friendly builds like punt FT%. The former fantasy first-rounder is still an elite per-minute producer. His per-minute numbers don’t look much different than they did in his prime. He just doesn’t play that much these days. Drummond is currently producing an unbelievable 17.7 PP36 on 56.5 FG%, 18.6 RP36, 2.4 SP36, and 1.4 BP36. If he does start playing major minutes, the FT% hit that will accompany him will be significant (55.1 FT%), but you can’t worry about that. Add and figure out how to save your FT% later. You cannot risk missing out on a potential league-winner.

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Week 17 Pickups