23/24 Nov. 27 Box Score Analysis (5 Games)

Jordan Poole (Buy Low in Punt FG%/Turnovers): Back to the ugly stuff for Poole after his best three-game stretch of the season. The Wizard is now ranked just outside of the top 200 in nine-category leagues. In punt FG%, I would consider buying low, especially if you are punting turnovers or are playing in an eight-category league. In nine-category punt FG%, he is putting up top-125 numbers. That’s not great, but it does suggest that even minor improvement could turn him into a fairly useful piece. In eight-category punt FG%, he doesn’t have to improve much to to a clear mid-round asset. He is currently flirting with the top 80 in that setup. If you are punting FG% and can get Poole for a top-100ish player, it’s a move worth considering. In other builds, I’d stay away. It’s hard to see how he cracks the top 150 when the horrendous FG% hit that accompanies him (39.7 FG% on 15.8 FGA) counts.

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November 27th Box Score Analysis