23/24 Nov. 26 Box Score Analysis (8 Games)

Shaedon Sharpe (Sell High): He’s more of a sell than a sell high since a sell high implies that he’s been playing well. Sharpe has not, but since he had a fair amount of hype in preseason and his PPG remains solid (16.9 PPG), it may be possible to get someone reliable for him before Simons comes back. If you can get anything close to a top-100 asset after a big game, you’ve done very well. Despite playing much, much more than he will when the Blazers are at full health (36.5 MPG), Sharpe has only been a borderline top-200 player this year in nine-category leagues. He’s producing an R.J. Barrett type of line. Solid popcorn stats and significant drags almost everywhere else.

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November 26th Box Score Analysis