23/24 Mar. 19th Box Score Analysis (5 Games)

Hornets Schedule: There isn’t much to talk about here with the Hornets now off until Saturday. Unless you play in a very deep league, Richards, Mann, Miller, and Micic are all drops. Bridges is a holdable, but not a must-hold. If you are on pace to lose, do what you have to do, and figure out the next round when you get there. If this week is your finals, then Bridges is very droppable. The Hornets having four games next week will make all of their regulars viable in 12-team setups again. However, before adding on Sunday or Monday, make sure to check your schedule first. Week 22 is a tricky week because there are 10-to-12 games on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Those are also the four days that Charlotte plays on. You may only be able to get a couple of games out of your Hornets next week.

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March 19th Box Score Analysis