23/24 Jan. 29 Box Score Analysis (12 Games)

Derrick White (Buy Low): You don’t want to make the offer after this game, but if White does put up another dud sometime this week, send over a buy-low offer and see if you get a response. The combo guard is slumping at the moment and will likely come cheaper than he should. Over the last month, the Celtic has been only a top-110 nine-category player because he’s shot 40.0 percent from the floor over that stretch. The poor shooting is likely just noise and is nothing to worry about. White’s role hasn’t changed. He should go back to producing at least top-50 numbers shortly. The one area where he should continue to trend down is steals. White’s steal rate has been well above his career norm for most of the year. He should be a 0.8 SPG player going forward.

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January 29th Box Score Analysis