23/24 Dec. 13 Box Score Analysis (9 Games)

Tari Eason (Pick Up): Grab him and see where this goes. The odds of the minutes sticking are low, but any time a per-minute stud pops off like this, we should take a flier just in case they do. For the minutes to stick, one of Brooks or Green has to take a hit. Green losing minutes feels somewhat unlikely, but with the Rockets trying to win this year, it’s possible. Green remains a major negative on the court. If Eason can lock in a 28 MPG role, he’s going to be a top-100 player who puts up some big numbers in rebounds and the defensive categories while scoring more than most players who see minutes in that range. Eason is currently producing a very intriguing 16.2 PP36, 1.7 3P36, 13.4 RP36, 1.1 SP36, and 2.0 BP36.

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December 13th Box Score Analysis