22/23 When To Consider Guide – Nine-Category Leagues

One of the questions that I get asked the most is when is it ok to reach for X player. That’s a very reasonable question. In competitive leagues, we often have to reach for the players that we want. This guide answers that question for the players currently ranked inside of the top 100 in Elite Fantasy Basketball’s nine-category Top 150. Whether or not a reach is going to be a viable move will be build-dependent. I’ve included notes in this guide to make that clear. For example, if you are punting FT%, Clint Capela is a decent pick as early as the fifth round in 12-team leagues. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should take him there since he is usually available in the sixth or even the seventh, but it does mean that you can take him that high and end up happy with your pick. I’ve also included a column that looks at when you should start considering each player if they are not a strong fit for your build. This will help you react appropriately when players that you didn’t think would be available at your pick are available. That analysis takes into consideration how far a player has to fall to be useful in an unfriendly build and also the player’s future trade value.


2022-2023 When To Consider Guide – Nine-Category Leagues

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