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Hey Everybody,

Here’s a quick update on how the subscriptions are going be handled with the rest of the season up in the air. 

  • Full Season subscribers will still have access to the site until at least June 30th as originally planned. If the season isn’t completed by then, access will be extended to whatever the new equivalent of June 30th is. 
  • Monthly subscribers that have paid their March subscription fee will be upgraded to the Full Season package free of charge and will have access to the site until June 30th or whatever the new equivalent is. You won’t have to do anything on the site to upgrade your package. It is all on my end. What you should do is cancel reoccurring payments on Paypal. I’m not 100 percent sure that the monthly payments are stopped by me changing your package on the site.
  • I’ll still be putting out content while the league is on break, and normal coverage will resume if/when the league resumes. Keep an eye out for dynasty, rookie, early 2020-2021, etc. analyses. If there are any articles/analyses that you would like to see, shoot me a message, and I’ll try to put them together. 



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