1) James Harden (SG/SF) – While Harden is clearly behind Davis and Curry in terms of 9-cat production, he is a legitimate option at the top of the draft in 8-cat. In 2014-2015, Harden was superior to Davis on a per game basis in 8-cat  and posted nearly identical value to Curry. Ty Lawson is not a threat to Harden’s numbers. Lawson posted a usage rating of 20.9 in his final year in Denver. That is low for a starting point guard. The offense will continue to run through Harden and his 2014-2015 averages of 27.4 PPG and 7.0 APG are very repeatable. 2) Kevin Durant (SF/PF) – Durant is the only player that could challenge Davis for the per […]
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