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You should read the below description of the tool before using it. Subscribers can access the BETA version of the tool through either the Tools menu or by clicking this link:

Matchup Analyzer – BETA

Hey folks,

With the fantasy playoffs having now started in just about every league, I’ve decided to push out the Matchup Analyzer. This has been in the works all season long and is mostly complete. The meat and potatoes of the tool work, but we are still working out some kinks. The Yahoo hookup does not yet work. It’s close, but we’re not quite there yet. Have no fear, though. You don’t need the hookup for the tool to work. You can manually add the players on both your team and your opponent’s team without issue. It will only take you a couple of minutes.

So, what is this thing? This is a tool that will track your matchup from Monday to Sunday and let you know if you are on pace to win or lose your matchup. It blends my projections with the actual results from the game. At the beginning of the week, all of the numbers will be my projections. As the week goes on, those projections will be replaced with the numbers the players actually put up. For example, if I have projected a player as scoring 25 points on Monday night, the tool will show a 25 point projection on Monday afternoon. But after the game is played, that number will change to 28 points or whatever the player ends up scoring. The tool is not meant to perfectly predict your matchup. That’s impossible. Over a seven-day stretch, most players are not going to play at their averages (which the projections are obviously tied to), and a lot won’t be even come close. What this tool will do, however, is allow you to understand how much each player’s performance impacts your chances of winning. It is also great for figuring out which categories are the swing categories in your matchup and whether or not those swing categories are still in reach for either side after a busy night.

Using the tool is easy. All you have to do is type in the player’s name where it says “Search Player Name” and when the name pops up, click on it, and hit the button for adding the player to Team 1 or Team 2. This is what the box you want to type in looks like:

After your and your opponent’s teams are loaded up, click “Save & Analyze” to save your matchup.

You can save up to 20 matchups. To load a previously saved matchup, click on the “Load a Matchup” dropdown menu. You can also name a matchup by typing in the box above the Search Player Name box. Type in the name and then hit save and the name will be saved. This is what the Load a Matchup dropdown menu looks like:

Once you are done, the tool will look something like this:

A couple of quick notes regarding issues that are currently being worked on:

  • At the moment, you can only use the tool for the current week. This will be adjusted, but it’s not a quick fix, so I can’t give you a timeline on that right now. On Monday of Week 18, the tool will work for Week 18.
  • The team with the most turnovers is currently shown as winning the category. This should be fixed tomorrow.
  • When you save, the tool does not save what games you deselected, so you have to deselect those games again. This should be fixed soon as well. 

Just a reminder, this is a BETA version of the tool. It’s going to be very helpful for your playoff matchups, but it is not 100 percent fully functional. The goal is to test the tool down the stretch and have it fully functional for Week 1 of next season.

Another quick note. At the moment, I have projected about 350 players. That’s over 10 a team, so in most cases, the projections for the entire rotation are in the tool. However, I know some of you play in super deep leagues where you will be streaming low-minute players during the fantasy playoffs. Therefore, I will be using tomorrow to add in the projections for those extremely low-end players. That means no Box Score Analysis article tomorrow (I’ll have one up on Wednesday). I’ll also be doing another sweep of the 350 players already projected tomorrow, so don’t be surprised if your matchup projection changes slightly. 


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