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With the playoffs wrapping up and next year’s fantasy drafts about three months away, it’s time for a recap of this year’s fantasy season. What I’ve done is put together a chart that shows where each player finished in the most popular league setups (9-CAT, 8-CAT, Yahoo Points, ESPN Points) and where each player finished in each punting build (for 9-CAT). I’ve also added some notes as many of the rankings are misleading. For example, in 9-category leagues, Miles Bridges finished as the 92nd-ranked player. That ranking is pretty useless as he never played like the 92nd-ranked player. For the majority of the year, he was a borderline standard-league option. Then in April, with the Hornets devasted by injuries, Bridges was promoted to starting lineup and played about 36 MPG. The extra run allowed him to post early-round numbers down the stretch.

This is a breakdown that you will want to come back to every now and then as the summer progresses and we get closer to draft season. This analysis will make it easier to correctly remember what happened during the 2020-2021 regular season. That’s important because it’s easy for big playoff runs (and playoff failures) to cloud our judgment when it comes to certain players. For a good example of this, look no further than Tyler Herro. Herro had a solid rookie year, but nothing that happened during the regular season screamed “fantasy stud in year 2”. Then he got hot a few times in the playoffs, and all of a sudden, he was being drafted inside of the top-100.

This analysis will also be very useful for those who want to start planning early. If you already have a specific team-building strategy in mind for next season, this breakdown will help you identify players that could end up as steals in your build.

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