Rankings are useful, but they do not tell us when we should start considering a player. They also do not tell us when it is OK to select a player falling in a draft who is not a great fit for our team. This analysis aims to help us answer both questions.

In the below guide, I have listed the earliest point that I would consider each player currently ranked inside of my top-100. That point assumes that you are sliding that player into a friendly build. For example, the earliest I would consider Russell Westbrook is at 18, and I would only consider him there if I was punting FT% or FG%. If I’m rolling with a build that is not punting at least one of the percentages, then I wouldn’t start considering Westbrook until later.

I also list the pick where I would start considering each player if I was employing a team build that is not a great fit for the player. This is meant to answer questions like “I’m not punting free throw percentage, but Andre Drummond is falling. Should I take him, and if so, when?”. I’ve also included some notes to make it easier to understand each decision.

*The comments in the spreadsheet assume that you play in a 12-team, 8-category league. 

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