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I had to bounce just after I started recording the podcast for a family emergency (everything is fine now!), so I didn’t have time to finish off the pod. So instead of doing a late record, here is my script for the pod. Sit back and comfy, because this is a long one.

Knicks 94 Pistons 85

Our first game of the day is the Knicks vs the Pistons. On the Knicks’ side, we have a few interesting stories that we have to keep an eye on. We’ll start with Kemba. He was crushing it coming in and playing minutes in the mid to high 30s. Last night, he only played 20 and was terrible. He had 2, 2, and 2 and was a -21. You don’t want to do it after tonight, but I would be trying to sell high on Kemba. I just don’t trust Thibs to keep playing him big minutes and I don’t trust Kemba to stay in one piece either. Even if he keeps starting, his minutes could easily drop back down into the mid-to-high 20s which is where they were early in the year when was starting. The Knicks just aren’t good right now and I’m not sure Thibs is done tweaking his lineup. In terms of impact, Kemba has been really poor this year outside of the recent hot streak, and if his impact slips, his minutes probably will as well. I’d be trying to sell for a safe top-100 guy. I think that’s doable if he does go off again. With Kemba iffy, Burks and Quickley are the guys to watch. Burks was looking like a drop right up until the second half of last night. He only played 7 minutes in the first half, so I’m not sure that we can get too excited about his 27 minutes and monster line of 34 points, five threes, four boards, and three steals. If he wasn’t red hot, this could have ended up as a 16-minute night. If you have him, hold for a few games to see how it shakes out. If you dropped him, I wouldn’t be panicking too much. I think this Knicks’ guard rotation is going to be messy all year long. I’m not sure anyone is going to be a consistently useful standard league option. Quickley played 35 and had 18 points with a couple of dimes and a steal. He also went 8 for 8 from the line. In terms of current production, he’s more of a 14-teamer, but with Rose out, and Kemba dicey, I don’t mind him as a hold. Maybe it’s his turn next and he runs away with the starting job. It’s not like the competition is super tough. In 14-teamers, he’s a must-have. RJ Barrett was the only starter who wasn’t a disaster but he did only play 25 minutes. He’s a clear drop in 12-team category leagues. In points leagues, he can be OK, but he’s regressed this year and is sitting outside of the top-250 in nine-category settings. Even in 14-team league setups, I wouldn’t want him, and in 16-team leagues, you need to be punting one of his many weak cats to make him useful. Mitch Rob was quiet with 7 and 7 with no blocks in 20 minutes but he’s a must-have in all leagues. He’s been a borderline top-100 player in nine-cat lately and he turns into a borderline mid-round player in friendly builds like punt points, punt threes, punt assists, and punt FT%. Randle is the other Knick we should talk about. He actually just went into protocol so he’ll likely miss a handful of games. Obi Toppin is a solid flier if you need boards, FG%, and low-end points. He’s been a surprisingly good per-minute player this year and should see his minutes jump. The Knicks’ guards should get a short-term boost too as they’ll see their usage and assist rates jump. Randle himself is really struggling. He hasn’t even been a top-200 guy over the last couple of weeks and is now ranked just outside of the top-90 in nine-cat. He’s apparently dealing with some kind of injury that makes him hard to predict, but I’m NOT buying low. If you can get him for a top-80ish guy then sure, make the move, but I really don’t trust or like Randle this year. I faded him pretty hard in preseason and he’s come in even lower than I thought he would. He did a lot of things that were completely out of wack with his career numbers this year and none of last year’s numbers have held. His efficiency has fallen off which was pretty predictable and he’s lost a couple of minutes which I figured he would just because no one plays 37 minutes in back-to-back season these days. I don’t think top-50 numbers are completely off the table, but his floor is just really low these days, and if I’m trading a mid-round guy, I’d want a safer player than Randle in return.

On the Pistons side, Bey led the way with 32 points on decent shooting. He added six threes, nine boards, and eight for eight shooting from the line. He’s an obvious sell high. I imagine he’ll be a tough one though since everyone knows the recent hot streak is due to Grant and Cade being out, but I would still try to do it. When everyone is healthy, there’s a good chance that he goes back to being just a back-end option and really only a guy you want in punt FG%. Maybe you can do a little better, but I’d be happy with a safe top-100 guy for Bey. Diallo was the only other guy who did anything. He had 31 on 13 for 19 shooting with 13 boards and four steals. He’s also a must-have, just watch his free throw shooting. He is a major, major drag. Definitely not someone for weeks where FT% is close. He gets to the charity stripe a ton and is shooting only 58 percent from the line this year. Garza, Jackson, and the rest of the Piston role players are all drops because Detroit only has one more game this week. Jackson is likely out with an ankle injury for a week or two anyway. Once Cade is back, Diallo will be a drop as well outside of very deep leagues.

Hornets 116 Pacers 108

Hornets Pacers is up next. The Hornets took this one by 8 behind nice games from Ball and Hayward and a monster performance from Rozier. Rozier had 35 with five threes, seven boards, two steals, and two blocks. Rozier is a little streaky but I think he’s going to finish as a nice value pick given his ADP. I thought he was ranked about a round too low on most sites given his upside in friendly builds like punt FG%. In punt FG%, he’s been a borderline top-40 guy so far. Next time he goes through a cold stretch, I’d try to trade him for him if I was punting FG%. His price is always going to be lower than his value in your build. Ball continues to be a first-rounder and you could make an argument for the top-5 or so given that he’s not a rest risk. His FT%, which is what has turned him from a likely top-25 guy to a first-rounder continues to hold up. Does it make sense that a poor free throw shooter is now shooting 90 percent from the line on volume? Not really. But nothing about LaMelo’s shot has really made sense since entering the league. I also have faith in his shooting holding up because it’s pretty clear that the Hornets have some nice player development guys. You look at where Melo’s, Kemba’s, and Rozier’s jumpers were before they joined the Hornets. All were in really bad places and all improved a ton in a hurry. Plumlee had 8 and 12 with 2 steals. He should be rostered with PJ Washington out. When Washington is back, Plum is more of 14-teamer or a 13th man on a punt FT% squad in 12-team leagues. Cody Martin played 24, did nothing on offense but did pick up three stocks. In 14-teamers, I would hold on. In 12, I think he’s borderline. I wouldn’t call him a must-drop, but on nights when he’s not playing well, the minutes will be in the low-20s. The same goes for Oubre. I’m sure he’ll blow up a bunch going forward, but on nights when he’s cold, he’s not going to play a ton. Like Martin, I view him as just a 13th man candidate. Last night he only played 24 and had 13, 1, and 3 on 13 shots while going 1 for 5 from the line.

The Pacers’ box score doesn’t matter since a bunch of their guys just went into protocol. Duarte and Brogdon are now in protocol. Duarte is fine to drop if you need extra games, although I still view him as viable in 12-teamers. Brogdon’s season is playing out like most of his seasons. A super hot start followed by a big drop in play and a bunch of injuries. If he starts hot next year and you don’t try to sell high, I don’t know what to tell you. I hope you sold high this year. LeVert’s usage should go up with Duarte and Brogdon out. I’d expect huge minutes from Justin Holiday too. He’s a nice short-term guy if you need threes and steals. His steal rate has been poor this year, but it should come around. Once it does, there’s a good chance that he becomes a must-have in 14-teamers. For now, he’s just a streamer in 14-team league setups. Brissett is the other role player on Indy that needs to be watched. He had 14 and 5 last night in only 21 minutes. He’s just a 16-teamer for now but with the Pacers currently the 13 seed in the East, I think there is a pretty good chance that they make some kind of big move at some point which could make Brissett viable everywhere. I’m not sure we’ll get a major blowup since they are a small market and in COVID times, they may not be willing to take another revenue hit, but it would just take one of Turner or Sabonis going out the door to put Brissett in a big-minute role.

Clippers 91 Celtics 82

We’ll do the Clips/Celtics game next. Like a lot of games these days, this was ugly as hell. The final score was 91 82 and it was an ugly 91 82, especially on the Celtics side. Morris had 23 for the Clips but on 21 shots. With PG possibly done for a while, he’s going to be the first or second option which makes him a must in all leagues. Be careful not to overrate him though. He’s probably not going to be a top-100 guy since he’s points, threes, and a handful of boards, and nothing else. He’ll be a sell-high after a big stretch. Zubac somehow had 1 point in 31 minutes. He did add 14 boards with a block. 31 is not the norm, but it does look like he’s going to get at least 25 minutes a night, which makes him a clear standard league guy and a top-100 player in friendly builds. No upside, but we can’t be too picky with our bigs these days. Ibaka only played 9 off of the bench. He’s just a watch, even in deeper settings. No Hartenstein last night either so that 9 minutes is a really bad sign. Bledsoe had a messy 17,4 and 4. Ugly shooting as usual but he did add a couple of threes and two steals. He’s a must-grab as well, although we’ll see what happens when Reggie Jackson is back. Bledsoe does not have a ton of room for error, so even a small hit from Jackson could turn him back into more of a deep league guy. Mann played 36 and had 17, 5, and 3 with a couple of threes. Mann is just a streamer outside of 16-team leagues. No Batum last night so he got some extra run. Speaking of Batum, he’s a luxury stash in standard leagues. He’s a good player to throw into your IL if you are punting one of his week categories, but if you don’t have an IL open, that’s fine. Just wait and see if he can get it going again.  Kennard had 17 with five threes, four dimes, and a surprising three defensive contributions. The defensive numbers are a fluke. He’s a major drag on both categories. To me, Kennard is more of a so-so 14-teamer and a streamer in 12. He’s points, threes, and nothing else most nights and that kind of line is very easy to find these days. I’d rather use his spot to stream or on a player who produces a more unique line.

Jaylen Brown produced one of the ugliest 30-point games in history. Not only did he need 36 shots to score 30, he did not record an assist. That is insane. Although in his defense, his teammates were not hitting anything. Brown has been poor without Tatum and I’d try to use the recent ugly shooting lines to buy low on him. He’s still an extremely good bet to be a top-50 player in the builds he was likely drafted into like punt assists and his managers are likely pretty upset at him right now, so a deal is possible. I’d be offering top-60 guys and seeing if you get a bite. He should turn it up once Tatum is back and drawing the defensive attention away. Horford and Time Lord both had very nice lines. Horford hasn’t slowed down at all. There is injury risk here, but I’d still value him as a top-40ish asset. He’s been a top-30 per-game guy so far. Horford is definitely looking like one of my better calls this year. Time Lord is an even bigger injury risk and I’d value him below his current top-60 per-game ranking. The minutes continue to be in high-20s, which makes everything that he’s doing sustainable, but I just don’t trust him to stay in one piece. He looks like one of those guys who you’ll always be happy to get 65 games out of. Pritchard got another start with Smart dealing with a hand injury and flopped hard. Four, three, and three on 2 for 10 shooting. I still like him as a short-term streamer though. He did play 34 despite stinking it up. The opportunity is there right now. Grant Williams was quiet off of the bench. Not a bad 16-team guy, but with both Horford and Williams healthy, there’s not much upside here. J Rich came back, played 32, had a bad night on offense but did pick up three steals and a block. He should be on a roster in 16-team leagues. In anything shallower, he’s just a streamer or a 13th man. When the Celtics are healthy, he plays about 26 minutes, which is not enough to get him in the standard league conversation.

Bulls 131 Hawks 117

Our fourth game is the Bulls vs the Hawks. The Bulls took this one 131 to 117. It was a team effort on the Bulls’ side. DeMar and LaVine played well, but so did Vuc, Javonte Green, and Coby White. DeMar is having a career year and is posting top-20 numbers in nine-cat and first-round numbers in punt threes. I think he’ll cool down a bit from mid-range but most of what he is doing is sustainable given the massive size of his role. He had a similar start in 2018 and fell off extremely hard, but that dip was tied to some personal issues, so I wouldn’t expect a repeat. I’m not selling high. LaVine is kind of boring which we like. I know some were a little worried about him coming in but he has played right around his ADP up to this point despite his steal rate being a joke. He’s been a top-25 player while averaging only 0.5 SPG so we haven’t actually seen his ceiling yet. Vuc is trending up in a hurry and I would not wait to buy low. His price is rising fast. I am very confident that he’ll continue to trend up. He’s shooting an awful percentage at the rim this year which screams fluke and positive regression. I’m not as sure about his free throw shooting. Free throw percentage has a lot of year-to-year volatility and big drops like Vuc is experiencing are not uncommon. It’s just a hard category to predict. I doubt he continues to shoot 64 percent from the line, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if he didn’t come close to sniffing the high-70s. If he does figure it out at the line though, he could flirt with the first-round because all of his counting stats continue to be very good. JaVonte Green had 14 on good shooting with two steals. He’s playing a ton but since he doesn’t produce above-average numbers in any category, he’s not even that useful as a streamer. I would not be adding outside of incredibly deep leagues. White had 17 points with 12 dimes. The dimes are super surprising as he had zero assists the night before and hadn’t been asked to create much lately. I don’t trust the dimes, but until Caruso is back, he’s a good points and threes streamer. After that, he’ll play minutes in the low-20s and be a drop in 16-teamers.

Trae had a messy 26 and 11 with zero defensive stats, poor shooting, and seven turnovers. Young has been one of the more pleasant surprises this year. He was an extremely risky pick at his ADP, I preferred him towards the end of two, but so far, he’s flirting with top-12 and he’s inside of there in friendly builds. Nothing he is doing right now is super unsustainable. The jump in value is mostly due to his usage rate going over 35 percent which is just an absolutely massive number. Reddish is the Hawks’ second option right now and had 14 on 14 shots with two steals and a block. He is a must-sell-high. His role is going to shrink considerably once the Hawks get healthy, and he’s very likely to settle in as more of a low-end 14-team league option. Usually, obvious short-term options like Reddish don’t fetch much in trades, but he has a surprising amount of fans due to his hype out of high school, so you never know. I’d start by targeting borderline top-100 guys, but I’d be happy with anyone who is a long-term standard league hold. Charlie Brown and Skylar Mays also started which tells you about the state of the Hawks roster right now. Neither is a fantasy option even though they are both getting decent minutes.

Grizzlies 104 Lakers 99

The Grizz pulled off a nice comeback against the Lakers and ended up taking it by 5. Ja had the shooting game of his life and went 6 for 7 from deep. He ended up with a monster line of 41 points, six threes, 10 rebounds, two assists, two steals, and two blocks. He also had 6 turnovers but we’ll give him a pass on that one. To be even a top 50 guy, Morant had to make jumps in almost every category and so far he’s done that. His threes and FT% are still very mediocre for a guard but mediocre is a big step up from last year. His college steal rate has finally shown up as well and he’s averaging 1.5 SPG. Thanks to those jumps, he’s been a borderline top-35 player so far. With so much across-the-board improvement, it’s hard to know how much we can trust Morant. If his steal rate regresses at all, he’s probably going to be more of a top-50 player, and if his shooting slips, he could fall further than that. I wouldn’t call him a must-sell, but if someone was offering me a safe second or third rounder, I’d do it. Bane had 20 on 18 shots with three triples, a steal, and a block. Unlike Morant, he is a clear sell-high. Brooks and his high usage rate are going to take shots from Bane and Bane’s minutes will likely go back to about 29 a night once the Grizz are healthy. Bane has been about a top-50 player so far, so I’d aim for a top-60 player in a trade to start. That’s unlikely, but it’s a good starting point. I’d be willing to settle for a top-75 player. When the Grizz are healthy, Bane is likely going to be more of a borderline top-100 guy. Kyle Anderson moved into the starting lineup with the Grizz down a bunch of bodies and didn’t do much. He’d be a must-add if JJJ were to go down, but as long as Jackson is healthy, Anderson is just a mediocre 14-team league option at best. Steven Adams played 26 minutes but only had 4 and 6. Adams is averaging 7 and 9 with a steal and half a block this year while shooting 53 percent from the floor and 62 percent from the line. That makes him just a 13th man in punt FT%. I wouldn’t bother with him in standard leagues outside of the build.

On the Lakers side, it was the LeBron show again. He continued his incredible run with 37, career-best 8 threes, 13 boards, seven dimes, two steals, and two blocks. That big line puts him third in nine-cat and within striking distance of Jokic. This has been a dream season for LeBron managers so far and I would not be selling. This season has played out perfectly outside of the ab injury. Even the ab injury is a bit of a blessing since the completely unnecessary probable tag ups his value in IL+ leagues. LeBron is killing it and the Lakers are bad, so he’s not going to be able to rest later in the year. Westbrook had another triple-double which is great for points leagues. In category leagues, it was another so-so night as the rest of the line was very Westbrook-like. Unless you are punting FT% and turnovers or just FT% in eight-category leagues, you should trade him. He’s so bad in those two cats, that he’s been just a top-200 player this year despite averaging almost 20, 8, and 8. In nine-cat Roto, trade him for anything startable. You do not want to start him in Roto. If you are punting FT% and turnovers, then inquire about his price. He may come cheap. In punt FT% and turnovers, he’s been a top-30 player. In regular punt FT%, he’s been only a top-75 option. Dwight started but only played 16 minutes. He was a plus 17 in those 16 minutes so it’s surprising that he got so little run. The Lakers have been liking their LeBron at the five lineup even though it doesn’t work defensively. Until we see Howard’s minutes jump, he’s just a streamer even in deep leagues. Monk had another nice game with 15 points, two threes, and a steal. He’s not a high-upside option or a long-term one, but if you need points and threes give him a look. The same goes for Melo. He was a disaster last night but he’ll likely have value until AD is back. Despite scoring only five points on 11 shots and giving up god knows how many points on the other end, he still played 30 minutes. THT continues to be a disaster and is a drop in all leagues. No one would know who he was if he wasn’t on the Lakers.

Suns 115 Thunder 97

The Suns started slowly but eventually turned it on and easily took down an undermanned Thunder. JaVale had 16 and 8 with a couple of blocks. Unfortunately, he’s now in protocol, so feel free to move on. When Ayton is healthy, he’s still viable in 16-team leagues even though he plays about 15 minutes. Cam Johnson is also a nice short-term streamer for points and threes with Crowder out. Unlike JaVale, he’s not really a deep league option when the Suns are close to full strength. Cam Payne had 16 and 7 with a couple of threes off of the bench. That’s a nice line but not one that makes him more than a streamer in all leagues. He’d be a must-grab if Paul were to go down, however. As usual, there isn’t much to talk about with the Suns. They are a boring team for fantasy, but boring is good.

The Thunder were down Giddey and SGA and played a bunch of guys you probably never heard of. Ty Jerome – who you would know if you played fantasy last year – picked up a lot of the usage and touches made available by the absence of the starting guards. He had 24 on 9 for 22 shooting, one three, eight boards, five assists, and three steals. He is a great stream until one of the guards is back. Jerome is a good player and usually produces whenever he’s given the chance. The Thunder actually gave him random rest nights down the stretch last year because he was too good for the tank. That actually cost me my finals matchup in one league last year. Yes, I am still bitter about that. Aaron Wiggins is the other guy to stream off of the Thunder. He’s had three mid-round games in a row as a starter. He has no long-term value and I don’t trust him to keep it going, but someone has to take shots on the Thunder right now and it looks like it will be Wiggins. Grab him if you need points, low-end threes, and a handful of boards. Over his last three, Wiggins has averaged 20.0 PPG, 1.3 3PG, and 6.3 RPG. Roby got the start but only played 19. I’d ignore him for now. It seems like the Thunder are out on Roby even though they were hyping him a bit in preseason. Paul Watson started and played 37 and had 11 and 6. He might get big minutes for the next couple of games, but I’d look elsewhere for a streamer. Watson hasn’t even been a top-400 per-minute guy this year.

Jazz 120 Blazers 105

Our second last game of the day is the Jazz vs the Blazers. It went as expected with the Jazz taking it by 15. Still no Donovan Mitchell so Ingles got another start. He did nothing though and ended up with just 5, 3, and 3. He’s been declining the last couple of years and is just a threes and assists streamer, even when given big minutes. I’d aim for higher upside options in deeper settings. Clarkson also got some extra minutes with Mitchell out and had 19 with plenty of extras. He’s a must-hold in 12-teamers but only in punt FG%. In other builds, he’s been more of a top-175 player. He hasn’t been doing much to separate himself from the points and threes options that are available on every 12-team wire. He’ll be a must-have around the fantasy playoffs, however, since the Jazz have an awesome playoff schedule. Rudy Gay also got a bump in playing time and took advantage with 21 points on 8 for 13 shooting, three triples, six boards, and a steal. Watch him in deeper leagues, but I wouldn’t be viewing Gay as more than a streamer since his minutes are stuck in the high-teens when the Jazz are healthy. O’Neale was quiet again with 4,2, and 2. He’s really slumping, but I’d hold on. Most of the recent downturn is tied to poor shooting. His role hasn’t really changed. Once he starts shooting in the mid-40s again instead of the mid-30s, he’ll go back to being a clear standard-league player in friendly builds. Gobert went off and is a borderline first-round asset. Bogdanovic had a normal game is a borderline top-100 guy. Conley was average as well and is a risky mid-round play who you likely won’t be able to get comfortable with at any point this year.

On the Blazers’ side, Nance almost had a triple-double with 14, 9, and 9 with three steals. He’s a must-have for now. I still don’t really buy his long-term prospects, however. He’s slipped a bit on a per-game basis and I could see Billups playing around with his lineups a lot going forward with the Blazers looking like they are a play-in team at best. Norm and Dame both had 32. Norm has been a little up and down this year, but he should end up as a mid-round guy in friendly builds. I’m no longer worried about Dame’s per-game numbers. His game log since November 6 looks very nice. Portland also has a dream playoff schedule so even if he’s only a top-20ish per-game guy going forward, he’s likely going to be a first-rounder when it counts the most. Little is the only other active guy on the Blazers we care about. I guess you could argue Simons but he’s just a forgettable points and threes streamer and is now in protocol. Little flopped last night and only had two points, six boards, and two blocks. I still like him a fair amount as a short-term add, however. He’s playing a lot and has the ability to help in most categories.

Kings 95 Mavericks 94

Our last game of the day is the Kings vs the Mavs. As we all expected, Metu was the hero with a buzzer-beating three. He finished with 11 points, eight boards, and three blocks in 20 minutes. That’s a nice line but due to the minutes, I’d stay away for now. If he does get into the high-20s again, I would add as he does have a fantasy-friendly game and can be a nice help in boards and the defensive categories while providing low-end threes. Bagley started, played 28, and had 11 and 7 with two threes and two steals. He’s a nice points league add, but in category leagues, he’s just a 16-teamer, at best. He’s just one of those guys whose games are not made for category leagues. Just too many holes in his line. Watch him, but Bagley would have to improve a ton this year to even sniff the 12-team league conversation. Harrison Barnes continues to trend down. He had a very forgettable line last night and has only been a top-175 player over the last 30 days. I wouldn’t drop, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he settled in as just a low-end option. Last year’s big finish was way out of wack with what he normally does. I hope you sold high. Holmes had another quiet game and only played 26 minutes. He is one of the better buy-low targets in the league. The minutes are not going to stay low forever and once he gets back to around 30 a night, he’ll go back to being an early-round guy in punt threes, punt assists, and punt steals. I would be targeting Holmes very aggressively if I was punting one of those categories. Davion Mitchell returned and played 19. He’s just a streamer even in 16-team leagues. He’s ranked outside of the top-250 this year in 25 MPG. Even if he started playing 30, he likely wouldn’t be more than a back-end option in 14-team leagues.

On the Mavericks side, Brunson and KP led the way with 25 and 24 respectively. Try to sell high on Brunson if you can but I doubt you can. He’ll likely be a standard-league option when Luka is back, but no more than 12th man. KP would be a first-round pick every year if he could stay in one piece. He’s now ranked inside of the top 10 in only 30.3 MPG. I’d just roll with it in most situations and hope for the best. You are likely not going to get a safe top-20 guy for KP, and I don’t know if I’d be willing to take a bigger hit than that. Having a second first-round guy on your team is a massive advantage. I’m personally sitting on him in the league I have him despite also having LeBron, Fred, and Dame. I like having a killing machine of a team, even if it’s not the safest of strategies. DFS had 11 and 6 with three triples and one steal. He is a must-have in all leagues. He’s not a borderline guy and has been a mid-round player for a while. He’s available in 45 percent of Yahoo leagues, so double-check if he’s out there in yours. You may be surprised. Beyond those three, there is nothing too interesting going on with the Mavs. Dwight Powell is probably the closest thing to interesting, but he’s just a rebounds and FG% streamer.


And that’s all we’ve got. This was a little shorter than most pods, but that’s what happens when you get canceled games. Good luck the rest of the week. Hopefully, we are through the worse. At least we have shorter isolation periods now so the COVID sits will hopefully be a little less painful. See you next week for a pod that will hopefully be filled with more big names and fewer G Leaguers, although I will say that I am very much down with the Mario Chalmers, Greg Monroe, and Brandon Knight cameos. Thanks for listening, everyone.

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