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The Punt Threes Strategy

If you like your teams to be big-heavy, then this is the build for you. Punt FT% has greater name recognition, but punt threes tends to be the more effective and easier strategy. Punt threes is an easier strategy to pull off for a couple of reasons. The first is that the key pieces in this build tend to not be as weak in this build’s naturally weak categories as the key pieces in punt FT% are in punt FT%’s naturally weak categories. For example, Rudy Gobert’s lack of triples are going to be a bigger issue in punt FT% than Deandre Ayton’s good, but not great, FT% will be in punt threes. The second reason is that you are unlikely to run into a second punt threes team that will be scooping up many of the build’s primary targets. When you punt FT%, you almost never have the strategy to yourself. With the build being a no-brainer match for both Giannis Antetokounmpo and Luka Doncic, there will be at least two punt FT% teams in almost every H2H league. Because of this, you will have to reach quite a bit when punting FT% to ensure that you get your guys. That’s not the case with punt threes. Of course, it’s possible that players like Jimmy Butler, Dejounte Murray, and DeMar DeRozan will go earlier than expected, but they are more likely to be drafted close to their pre-draft rank than the primary targets in punt FT% will be.

The punt threes build has always been a high-floor strategy, and that is especially true this year thanks to some very generous rankings by both Yahoo and ESPN. Most of the primary targets in this build are ranked lower than they should be. I spent a lot less time putting together sample teams for this build than for other builds, not because I was being lazy, but because there are a lot more obvious picks at different points in the draft here than there are in other strategies. The one part of the draft that tends to be a little trickier for the punt threes build than for other builds is the final rounds. That is because most of the interesting late-round guards derive a large chunk of their value from triples. This is not a major issue, but it is something to keep in mind. To work around this quirk, you will want to mostly draft guards and wings towards the end of the middle rounds and then focus on bigs during the last couple of rounds.

To get where you need to be at the end of the draft, you’re going to have to draft some above-average three-point shooters. This build is not just about picking up elite bigs and pairing them with Buckets and DeMar. If we limit ourselves to the handful of throwback wings that gain a significant value of value in this build, we are not going to find enough points and FT% impact. There are simply not enough old-school guards in the association right now to allow this build to avoid high-volume three-point shooters. The trick here is to pick the right high-volume three-point shooters. We want to aim for players who put up useful numbers in both points and FT% while helping us elsewhere. Players that fit the mold of what we are looking for include Brandon IngramTrae Young, and Devin Booker. All three players should produce above-average numbers in triples this season. And that’s OK. Because all three players produce flashy numbers in the categories that this build tends to struggle with. Think Steph Curry and the punt FT% build. At first glance, it doesn’t seem right that the best free throw shooter of all time is a great fit for a build that makes his free throw shooting meaningless. However, when you dig deeper, it becomes obvious that the superstar is an outstanding fit for the build due to his ability to shore up its natural weaknesses.

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