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Over the next month and a half, EFB will be releasing an unholy amount of content. The projections and rankings will be continually updated as draft season moves along. The punting guides will be released on a rolling basis and will also be updated as needed. Usually, Yahoo makes at least two major updates to their rankings, and I try to update the guides within a couple of days for those new rankings. ESPN is harder to predict, but I will be updating the guides whenever they update their rankings. I also update the guides whenever my opinion on a player changes and when rotations start to become clear. I should have all of the punting guides out by the third week of September at the latest.

This site is not just projections, rankings, and punting guides. As you’ll find out as draft season goes along, EFB produces a lot of very unique content that you won’t find anywhere else. There will be pairing guides for the first two rounds for leagues of all sizes. Who to pick in the second if I take X in the first is one of the big questions that every fantasy manager needs to figure out the answer to, and the pairing guides will make sure that you answer that question correctly. We also release what I like to call fast start guides. Those guides will take every first-round pick and their best builds and tell you which players you should target in rounds two through five and what your strengths and weaknesses are going to be coming out of round five. At some point, I will also be dropping a guide that goes through the rankings and tells you where each player is a reasonable pick. That analysis will take into consideration things like punting strategy, category scarcity, and the tendencies of fantasy managers.

If you are new to the site and have already subscribed, then please take a minute and check out EFB’s Team Building Tool. This is a unique tool that no other site has. It is extremely useful for planning out your draft strategy and is also very useful for tracking your draft. It allows you to test any combination of players on the fly. Instead of spending 45 minutes sitting through a mock draft testing out a strategy, you can test out of that strategy in seconds. The tool will tell you exactly where your team is likely to land in each category not only at the end of the draft, but after every round.

The Punt Assists Strategy

We kick off this year’s punting guides with a crowd favorite. The punt assists strategy is this site’s most popular strategy and for good reason. If you play in nine-category leagues, and the majority of fantasy basketball managers do, no other team-building strategies tops punt assists. Not only does a properly done punt assists team have the potential to annihilate all comers, it is also a relatively straightforward strategy. If you are new to the site and new to punting in general, this is a great place to start your punting journey. If you are a veteran of the punting game, then you know that there is a good chance that this will be where you end up. The theory behind punting assists is the same as the theory behind punting any other category. Unless you are playing a league with nothing but beginners, it is not going to be possible to have a team that is above average in all nine categories. So why try. Why weaken our teams in eight categories by trying to be average in that ninth category that we don’t need to win anyway. Instead, we want to strengthen our strengths. Give ourselves a better chance in the other eight categories and give ourselves some room for error. If you’re not punting, you are playing a very dangerous game. Teams choosing a balanced approach are more at risk of having their championship hopes torpedoed by a bad pick or two or injuries. And let’s be honest, both are going to happen. It’s fantasy basketball. If we could accurately predict how every player’s season was going to play out, we would probably be on a yacht somewhere counting our endless gambling winnings instead of staring at box scores at midnight, praying that Chuma Okeke picks up that steal that we need to win our matchup.

Punting assists is effective for numerous reasons. All of which we will get into in this guide. The math behind the strategy is sound, it works with almost all of the first-round picks, and it takes advantage of the fantasy basketball community’s decades-long struggle to understand that assists is just one category and that you do not get bonus points for winning it. I’ll touch on that last bit here before we jump into the math. If you’ve done a fantasy basketball draft before, you know that points guards and the assists that they bring get reached for all the time. You will see some point guards go dozens of spots higher than they should for no reason other than that they put up big numbers in assists instead of one of the less flashy categories. What punting assists allows us to do is scoop up all the value that drops when our opponents are reaching for dimes. You’ll find that when you punt dimes, you’ll often end up with an absurdly strong group of bigs and wings and plenty of players that outperform their draft position.

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