Damian Lillard (Pick 4-8) Punt FG% Lillard/Vucevic/Mitchell/Holiday/Nurkic – This is a start without any significant holes. Rebounds and blocks are a touch low, but that is normal in punt FG% and can be fixed with one big. This group is elite in threes, assists, and FT% and above average in turnovers. Lillard/VanVleet/Mitchell/Porzingis/Nurkic – This is a monster start. The only downside here is that you have to roll the dice on Porzingis, but at his fourth-round price, I’m willing to take the dive. Rebounds are low, steals are one guy away, and everything else is very strong. Threes, assists, FT%, and turnovers are in especially good shape. Lillard/VanVleet/Wood/Ingram/Nurkic – This group is a slightly worse version of the last squad. Still excellent, but […]
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