Playoff Schedules for leagues with playoffs beginning on March 21st

Teams with 12 games:


Teams with 11 games:


Teams with 10 games:


Teams with 9 games:


Teams with two-game weeks:

LAC – Week 22 (Quarterfinals), SAC – Week 22 (Quarterfinals), SAS – Week 22 (Quarterfinals)

Overall Analysis

  • Please don’t end your league this late. If you do, you are guaranteeing that your championship matchup will not come down to skill. Instead, it will come down to luck. To understand how crazy the final week of the season can be, you just need to take a quick peek at last season’s final week rankings. Jordan Poole was a top-ten player during the final week of the 2020-2021 calendar. Bruce Brown cracked the top-20. And Kelan Martin, who before the final week of the year had played a total of 207 minutes, was a top-15 asset. If other players in your league are deadset on playing until the buzzer, make a stink. You are right and they are wrong and the league will be much better off if they listen to you. An earlier finish date is worth fighting for.
  • If you play in a league that ends in Week 24, I strongly recommend trying to have as many players as possible on your roster from the borderline playoff teams. Tanking teams will be shutting down their studs and those comfortably in the playoffs will be wanting to give their big boys some nights off. The safest players will be on teams like the Hornets and the Bulls.
  • In Week 23, 23 teams play four times and in Week 24, a normal week’s schedule is condensed into six days. The very busy final two weeks of this setup make it imperative that you double-check your playoff schedule before making any major moves. Don’t just look at the schedule grid and make assumptions. There are plenty of days over these two weeks where it will be possible for your team to be overloaded. If you just follow the schedule grid instead of digging deeper, you may waste a move or make a bad trade.
  • In a normal playoff setup, I would tell you to target players with four games in each of the final two weeks if you were confident that you could earn a bye. In this setup, that recommendation comes with an asterisk. I would not bump up any members of the Thunder or the Spurs in your predraft rankings since both teams are likely going to be well out of the playoff hunt and could be playing their backups at this point.


Week 22 Analysis

You can view Week 22’s full schedule here.

  • Week 22 comes with a fairly normal schedule outside of the three two-game weeks. There are plenty of back-to-back sets with at least one starting every day of the week. Streaming yourself out of trouble will be possible this week.
  • The Clippers, Kings, and Spurs all play two play games this week. A two-game week is always a tough pill to swallow, but it is an especially unfortunate predicament in Week 22 because a whopping 15 teams play four times. This will be a tough week to get through for Paul George owners and the brutal schedule makes it very unlikely that a Kawhi Leonard stash ends up working out. The Clippers play on Tuesday and Friday and all of the Clippers’ role players will be droppable on Friday night.
  • The Kings’ and Spurs’ two-game schedules are especially rough because both teams start their week on Wednesday and play their second game on Saturday. Due to the poor schedule, you will likely find yourself dropping the role players on both teams at the end of Week 21.
  • The Bulls, Blazers, Rockets, and Heat have the best schedule this week. All four teams play their fourth game by Saturday night.
  • The Pacers’ and the Grizzlies’ role players will be droppable at the end of Week 21. Both teams do not start their week until Wednesday night.


Week 23 Analysis

You can view Week 23’s full schedule here.

  • This is a great schedule for a semifinal week. With 23 of the league’s 30 teams playing four times, this is one of the busiest weeks of the year. We love that because it makes random sits, which happen at this time of the year, easier to stomach. If your first-round player gets a night off, but still plays three games, it’s not the end of the world.
  • Despite the overwhelming majority of the league playing four times this week, there are not many back-to-back sets early in the week. However, you don’t want to wait too long to use your moves as there are 12 games on Sunday and you will likely already have a full roster on that day.
  • The Nets only have three games but none of those games are part of a back-to-back set, so owners of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving should be safe. I say should be because Durant is always a good bet to miss a large chunk of games and because Kyrie is impossible to predict.
  • There are 11 games on Wednesday and 12 games on Sunday. You may be overloaded on one or both of those days, but at this point of the season, that is not necessarily a bad thing, as you will likely have a random sit or two to deal with.


Week 24 Analysis

You can view Week 24’s full schedule here.

  • There are no games on Monday of Week 24. That means that the teams with four games are going to play four games in six nights. Since it’s almost 2022 and not 1996, that means that plenty of players are going to be getting nights off. Unless all of your players are on teams with something to play for, I would expect at least one, if not multiple, sits for the majority of your players.
  • There are 12 games on Tuesday and 15 games on Sunday. You are guaranteed to be overloaded on the final day of the season, so don’t be afraid to use all of your moves early in the week. Yes, you’ll get some surprise sits late in the week, but you will already have a replacement.
  • If you have a player on a bottom feeder with three games this week, I would assume that that player only plays two games at most. If you get three, that’s great, but the Magic and Pistons are not going to be playing their regulars on the final day of the season. Because of this, don’t be afraid to drop players on teams playing for ping pong balls after their first game of the week.

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