21/22 Nine-Cat When To Start Considering Players (Top 100)

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Drafting smart is not just about picking the right players. It’s about picking the right players in the right spot. If we get aggressive and take a trendy sleeper multiple rounds before his ADP, and he becomes worth a pick around that ADP, we look like a genius. We can talk junk to our friends, and that pick will come in handy when we want to waste hours of our lives arguing with strangers on social media. However, a reach like that doesn’t necessarily improve our chances of winning. If you reach for a player two rounds early, and he returns value two rounds above his ADP, that is just a neutral pick. Reaching is fine, but we want to make sure that we are picking our spots correctly. That is what this guide aims to ensure. This breakdown will take you through my current Top 100 players and tell you when is the right time to start considering each player. For example, Jakob Poeltl will probably be a top-40 player in friendly builds this year. That’s what he was after taking over the Spurs’ starting center job last year. However, we obviously don’t want to take him around the top 40. This guide will tell you exactly when it makes sense to pounce and scoop up him up.

This guide is for nine-category H2H leagues (although I do discuss Roto in here as well), and the top-end of the suggested ranges assumes that you are sliding the player into a friendly build. If you are punting threes, then we can get aggressive with DeMar DeRozan, but if you’re not, then the top-end of the suggested range is not going to be appropriate. I don’t mind drafting Kevin Porter Jr. this year, but where I would take him in punt FG% is a lot different from where I would take him in other builds. I also list the range where I would start considering each player if I was employing a build that is not a great fit for the player. This is meant to answer questions like “I’m punting assists and Chris Paul is falling. Should I take him, and if so, when?” This guide also addresses the Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons situations.

This is a very popular guide and for good reason. This guide will make dealing with draft day surprises much easier. When it is your pick and the clock is ticking down, you don’t want to be trying to figure out if a player is good value in that range. If you’ve already figured that out before your draft, you are less likely to make mistakes. If you’ve been on the fence about signing up, I hope this guide will push you to sign up for one of the packages. I’m not just saying that for marketing purposes. This guide is very helpful. Just writing it up has made me feel more confident about my decision-making process for my upcoming drafts.

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2021-2022 Nine-Cat When To Start Considering Players (Top 100)

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