21/22 Industry Mock: Nine-Category Roto

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I took part in an Industry nine-category Roto mock during the last week of September. This is a mock that I do every year with some analysts from other sites. The last couple of years, I’ve been stuck picking at the end of the first. This year was different. I was blessed by the fantasy gods with the second-overall pick. That made my first-round decision easy, but it led to some tricky spots in the rounds that followed. There are not a lot of obvious picks at the end of the second round in Roto drafts, and the 4/5 turn was not easy to navigate. I ended up doing a soft punt of assists. That tends to be my strategy in Roto. It’s not something that I lock in pre-draft, or even after the first two rounds, but it is usually where I end up unless my first-round pick doesn’t fit the build at all. I didn’t lean too hard into the punt so that I could still pick up a few points in the assists category, but I did ignore the category enough to land close to the top of the standings in all three of the big-men categories and turnovers. I also finished near the top of the standings in threes and FT%, which is very doable when doing a soft punt of assists. Yes, point guards tend to be strong contributors in both areas, but there are enough scoring guards and wings who excel in both categories available throughout the early and middle rounds to get you where you need to be in threes and FT%.

This is not the only analysis of this mock that I will be doing. I’ll be jumping on a pod with @DanBesbris at some point over the next week or so to go over my team and the rest of the draft in more detail. Keep an eye out for a link to that pod!

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